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  1. Howdy, alot of people ask me what gear I use and if I use a studio, etc. so I figured once and for all I'd clear that part of my life up, prepare yourself. Here's my direct-in setup, notice the mess - it gets worse. Here circled in red is the cable I use to run from the RP7 to the line input of my computer. It consists of two radio shack converter ends and a standard Television AV cable running between the two. Notice only one side is plugged in - my cat chewed the other side to {censored} so it doesn't work, and you know what? I don't {censored}ing need it! Here is my Bellari Tube Channel RP-503 Mic Pre-Comp. I plug a AT-4033 mic into it for vocals, and use the same {censored}ty, broken radio shack AV cable to run the output of this into my PC for vocals. Here's where it starts getting good. That's a 1998 Gateway 500mhz, 12GB HD, 128kb SDRam, {censored}ty base-line SoundBlaster sound card. You begin to see my monitoring speaker setup too, that'll be covered later. The stale bag of Fritos laying in front of the PC makes it run better. Notice the SINGLE SIDE of the AV cables running into the computers line input Notice the stip of condoms laying on some other random {censored} - so I can grab instantly when needed (you'll see why later) A little airial view here, now you can clearly see my work station. The green thing you see is an '04 AlienWare laptop that I put my fist through, so it no longer works, but makes a nice keyboard elevator, no? Notice my monitoring system. Those are the stock Boston speakers that came with this computer when I bought it. The other one is hidden behind the monitor so you cant see it, which also makes it harder to hear, but {censored} it, I don't need it. They are also on the wrong sides, my left speaker is on the right and vice versa - why? Because the cable isn't long enough for me to set it up right, but {censored} it, I don't need it. As you can see, my workstation is multifunctional - I also sleep there... and {censored} there... and whatever. Here's a wide angle view of my recording/living/{censored}ing/drug using premesis - just so you can get a better idea of my metal ness. Here is a shot from my bed, where I sleep and {censored}, gotta have a 60 inch widescreen high def, or you're just not {censored}ing metal. Notice my JCM 800 2204 over there waiting patiently to be rocked out upon. And also my smell-good utensils on top of the TV for when I need to get sexified and get some poon-flop. Notice that there is no mixer, or interfaces, or {censored}ing fairy dust, just cheap bull{censored}. Now for those that haven't heard you're probably wondering what all this sounds like, here you go: Guitar/Bass/Drums/Dirty Vocals - http://mysite.verizon.net/jfrickinp/flag.mp3 Clean & Dirty Vocals - http://mysite.verizon.net/jfrickinp/seract.mp3 (the tesseract song)
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