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  1. All this stuff is for trade or sale: 

    2 Jagstang Neck Pickups

    1 Awesome Gold Foil Pickup--- surface mount Rowe gold foil

    Monsterpiece Stud like new

    EQD Dirt Transmitter Black green

    Whirlwind Phaser as new w box

    Marshall Bluesbreaker 2 pedal

    Morley Bad Horsie wah

    EHX English Muffin

    EHX Hot Tubes Big Box W Tubes Real Deal

    Malekko Omnicron Trem Pedal

    White Strat Pickguard HSS w BJ painted on it Green Day Style

    Tele Pickguard White Pearloid or whatever it's called

    Suck Knob Volume Controller-- little box

    MJM London Fuzz Silicon

    Radio Havana Lofi Fuzz

    PM me for pics, send me your email. PM me any question$

    Wants: Deluxe Memory Man, Vintage, Reissue, or XO, only. Also will look at Ditto Looper, Digitech Jamman Express,and also really nice Boosts. Monsterpiece stuff welcome, especially the 2 Headed Monsters, other fuzz esp ones with a boost. Fuzz is last on my list i have tons already. I have a few bucks if that helps make a deal work- pm me if you wanna buy outright!

  2. Thurston Moore $1050 w/case and upgraded Johnny Marr bridge

    Blacktop Jazz $700 with Klein Pickups and a mastery bridge w/case, T Moore stickers on it

    Partsmaster $350 shipped neck off, custom paint, body, pickguard, fsr neck, pio cap, upgraded pots,knobs

    will look at trade offers, a corgan strat, or strat w jumbo frets, or whatever, multiple guitars, whatever











  3. This thing is awesome, but my addiction to fuzz wins out, it is brand new!

    Wouldn't Mind trying some Wren and Cuff Stuff, Box Of War, Tall Font Russian (will add $$)

    Love Fuzz Faces Too-

    hit me up- This thing is a MONSTER! Kreeper guy on here makes them and sells for $140, worth every dime

    DSCN1693_zpscfa09567.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z286/rocksony/DSCN1693_zpscfa09567.jpg[/img]

  4. Looking to trade some great pedals:

    My wants are fairly specific, and if you want to buy any of these PM me

    69- has less than an hour on it w/box---gone

    ss/bs F@#K - great overdive w exploding amp button----GONE

    Jamman- barely used--gone

    Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe-RULEAGE---GONE

    Crazy Horse-Slam--gone

    Morley Bad Horsie-wah wah wah

    Marshall Bluesbreaker 2

    Wants: Klon Clones, Monsterpiece PNP Fuzz and STUD, Awesome Cables for pedals and guitar, Anything else Monsterpiece maybe, Fuzzhugger Algal Bloom, Volume Pedal, Jazzmaster Case, Fulltone 70, Dr Scientist RRR, Fuzz Face type pedals

    DSCN1687_zps03ba932d.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://i192.photobucket.com/albums/z286/rocksony/DSCN1687_zps03ba932d.jpg[/img]


  5. Looking for trades at the moment, if you are interested in purchasing any of these PM me. Mainly want Reverb (DR. SCI RRR, etc..) and Klon Klones
    EHX Deluxe Electric Mistress (Modded) to include a LPB-1 Type Boost--- sounds great

    BAT Black Forest Overdrive like new--

    DigiTech JamMan-- got in a trade as new, never used it other than to see that it worked

    Basic Audio Scarab Deluxe--

    also have an as new Little Big Muff, Marshall Bluesbreaker2, and a Dual jfet type boost pic below-

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