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  1. I ended up getting the AT2020. I'm really satisfied with the purchase, so thank you all for your help. If you'd like to hear what it sounds like, I have a myspace where i've uploaded my songs for the longest time. The two at the top are the ones recorded with the AT2020. Thanks again for your advice everyone. The address is: www.myspace.com/fineroundwords
  2. I have a Yamaha mixer with Phantom Power plugs on it. So two mics? One for the guitar and one for vocals? And you think any of those mics would be good vocally? Any even least expensive mics that I could attach to the guitar or something?
  3. I checked out the StudioProject B1, the Shure, the E609S and the AT 2020. It's pretty much between those four. Anyone hear of major production flaws/durability issues/breaking/{censored} quality basically about any of those or am I fairly in the safe zone with any of them?
  4. 100$ is like the roundabout price, I think it could go up to 200, but I'd rather stay under. Those all look like great suggestions, but now I'm confused as to which to choose! Which is my best bet for high end sound from recording?
  5. Hi, I'm looking to get a mic for Christmas, but I wouldn't want my parents to spend a lot more than 100$, max would be 200$ or so. I'm looking for a good quality mic that is Phantom-powered and that can do pretty good recording an acoustic guitar. I don't have a studio, i'll be using it in my room, so if there's anything I could look out for to improve the quality and the sound, please let me know. Thanks
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