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  1. I was in the wrong place, but it must have been the right time ♫♫♫
  2. Summers are always slow in this part of Florida, but I have quite a few one-nighter gigs lined up for next fall/winter when the tourists come back, and a one-day-per-week gig that should last all season. Things are looking up. Notes
  3. Good for you!!! We'll probably be that busy in the winter. We make 3/4 of our money between Halloween and Easter. Notes
  4. We've done a few pool parties for the snowbirds who left for summers 'up north. That's typical for the retirement development market, although a little later than usual this year. We're getting bookings for next winter season, but so far, the summer, which is always slow down here, looks pretty bleak. I'm OK with that, and looking forward to next season. Notes
  5. I know a lot of other people know how to deal with Bridzilla (and Mom-zilla) but I guess I'm just too independent to enjoy being micro-managed and don't know how to side-step that. Don't get me wrong, I've played some fantastic weddings in my day, but more and more the wedding industry is telling the bride that this is going to be the best day of their entire life, unless their friend's wedding is even a little bit better, and if that happens the bride will be a pariah. That kind of pressure is not good for what is supposed to be a celebration. I was never in a 'wedding band' per se, but took wedding jobs. I started out doing high school dances, then nightclubs/singles bars, then show clubs, then opening concerts for major stars, then better nightclubs, then cruise ships, and then after a few personnel problems that left me unemployed for month-long stretches, I downsized to a duo with Mrs.Notes, made my own backing tracks, and targeted the yacht club, country club, retirement development, and private party market. Each part of the biz that I worked has its pros and cons. IMO all of it is better than working a day job as a wage slave for some faceless, soulless corporation -- even Bridezilla. Playing singles bars on the road after the Summer Of Love and before AIDs came along was a blast for a young guy with raging hormones. Warming up for major stars in concert and being treated as an equal by people whose records we copied in our cover band was nice. Cruise ships were great, no lugging and toting gear, a different audience every week so the same jokes worked, and star status was fun. Being independent with Mrs. Notes in downsized venues playing 3 hours for decent money and having a local following is right presently perfect. Right now it looks like next winter's 'season' is going to come back fine and be normal again. Insights and incites by Notes
  6. Good move for you MikeM Weddings also pay well, but I abandoned them a long time ago. Bridezilla trying to micromanage her wedding took a lot of the joy out of the gig for me. Until COVID I was never out of work. I actually had to block out a few weeks for a vacation because if I didn't, I'd take bookings and wouldn't get a vacation. That actually happened one year. COVID happened, and my client base went into hibernation. They are emerging now, and the phone is ringing, but being Summer in Florida, it's mostly for next season, as the snowbirds are going back "up north". Notes
  7. THANX!!!!! :D :D :D Although the Seniors seem to like playfully sexual themed songs, I don't think we are going to learn this one. I'm old enough to remember when the Stones' "Lets Spend The Night Together" was banned because it insinuated they were going to have sexual intercourse. I think there is a mid-point between those two songs that would be right for my personal tastes. Notes
  8. When I turned 40 I targeted the Senior Citizen population in South Florida and never looked back. Yacht clubs, country clubs, retirement developments and so on. When I was younger, the old timers told me that once I got out of the bars and into the adult market, I'd wonder why I didn't do that sooner. They were right. Pros: The gigs are short, usually 3 hours. They finish early, usually by 10 or 11PM. There are no fights There is no pressure to sell drinks. There is always an audience (no Thursdays playing to the tables and chairs). When you learn a song, unlike Top40, it's good for years because it's already an oldie. You get to play a variety of music styles Two gigs a week pays as much as 5 nights in a bar. At the end of the night, they thank you for giving them a wonderful evening. Cons: It's mostly one-nighters, so you have to move gear every gig. If you are single, there are no young babes to hit on, (but if you like them mature, you are in luck). Fortunately I'm in a duo with my wife who is a great singer and plays both guitar and synth so the lack of young babes (above) is not a problem. I go home with the same beauty every night and wouldn't want it any other way. In South Florida, it's Seasonal. From Halloween to Tax day. You work very hard in 6 months and make at least 3/4 of your yearly income then. Insights and incites by Notes
  9. Thanks. It went well. The person who booked us told us everybody loved us, and we'll definitely be back next season (it was a going away party for the winter residents at a mobile home park). The dance area was full, we had a dozen or so requests and knew all but one, and at the end of the night while we were packing out, quite a few of the residents made it a point to stop by and tell us how much they loved the music. Being a pool party for senior citizens, we did a couple of Jimmy Buffett songs, a couple or reggae songs, and a lot of pop hits from the 1950s to the 21st century. It was hot, we were sweaty, the 2.5 hours went by much too quickly (there were hundreds of songs we didn't get to play), we went home tired (a good kind of tired) took showers and at the end of the day felt it was a very good day. We're planning on learning the request we didn't know. We're getting some other bookings for next season as well. Notes
  10. I thought I was going to need a new hip. I couldn't walk two blocks without sitting and resting, and I couldn't drive without a 'blue ice' pack behind my right hip. A doctor told me to try the "Arthritis/Bursitis" diet first. It's quite restricting, but it worked. I can now walk 4 miles briskly (for exercise) and I've driven as much as 8 hours straight without the ice pack and neither caused me any pain. I'm sticking to the diet for life. A nice side effect is I lost a lot of excess weight too. Notes
  11. We have a booking this month!!! A going away party for some summer residents that haven't fled to "the north" yet. Hooray!!!! It'll be the first one since March 17. 2020. Notes
  12. About the time the vaccines rolled out, our winter audience went back 'up north'. I've got gigs for next winter when they come back, between now and then, if anything comes, it'll be slim pickings.
  13. They won't hack your reeds, instead they will hack your sax to make the G# key stick, just when you need to play a long, climatic, G natural note ;) (A lame attempt to return the humor)
  14. That's one reason why I stick to mixers with knobs and sliders. Adding an iPad to the mix just adds one more potential failure. I'm glad your gig went well!!!
  15. I've got EV ZLX-15Ps, and they are the best sounding that I've tried so far. I wouldn't doubt the 12 are good also. Notes
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