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  1. Is that girl an amateur porn star? She looks familiar. she's the very beautiful sophie bush from the movie "the hitcher" where she looked absolutely fantastic. I'd sign one of my kidneys away to bone her.
  2. alternatively to trading I'd be willing to sell with the case for $165 shipped conus. it does have a couple minor blemishes on the fingerboard. link to high res pic http://www.scumvalley.com/misc/IMAG0058.jpg
  3. thanks for the suggestion but it's not quite my bag. appreciate it though bump
  4. kittens come with it? if you want.. I can't ship them ups though
  5. interested in guitar effects? sorry, right now I'm looking for an axe.
  6. EDIT: TRADED AWAY, NOTHING TO SEE HERE anyone wanna trade my blackout xv-610 for another xaviere/roughly equivalent guitar? preferably an 820 or 870 but I'll listen to any offer -- I'm especially interested in single coil guitars. EDIT: TRADED AWAY, NOTHING TO SEE HERE EDIT: TRADED AWAY, NOTHING TO SEE HERE EDIT: TRADED AWAY, NOTHING TO SEE HERE EDIT: TRADED AWAY, NOTHING TO SEE HERE the case may be included to balance the trade and/or cash or whatever. this 610 is stock and very new, it is however in need of a fret level (it came from the factory this way -- the upper frets don't ring out well unless the action is higher) but other than that it's great.
  7. edit: sold, thanks! bugera v22 with footswitch. highly hyped amp for good reason -- unbelievable features and tones for the price. 1x12 all tube amp. 22 watts. never had any problems with it. got it like 6 months ago I believe. I replaced the stock power tubes with JJ's from eurotubes. it's been properly biased for the tubes. it sounds terrific and the highlight is the clean channel, which has a lot of headroom. this amp sounds good in the bedroom and can play along with a drummer with no problems. has a ton of features including built in digital reverb (which is very good sounding), normal and "bright" inputs, effects loop, presence and eq controls, 2 channels, each channel has its volume controls and there is also a master volume for the whole amp -- and there's also pentode/triode switching (in the most simple sense it makes the amp louder/less loud, but the modes sound different from eachother in terms of texture as well). very flexible tones. I have never had any complaints with this amp at all, I just need cash right now. asking $250 *SHIPPED* to the conus.
  8. I'll haev to pass on the active pickup -- actives aren't my thing. thanks for the offer though. regarding the tele, unfortunately something would need to be modified to mount into a standard tele bridge. the standard tele bridge has that triangular mounting pattern.
  9. seymour duncan little 59 bridge pickup for strats... black in color... excellent condition with box and papers and mounting screws. long lead wires. it's this: http://accessories.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seymour-Duncan-Little-59er-Pickup?sku=300008 price drop asking $45 shipped conus. may consider trades for interesting single coil strat bridge pickup(s) but really mainly interested in selling.
  10. jekyll and hyde is a grey box version, a bit of visual wear but works perfectly. battery hatch is gone and velcro on bottom. 100% functional. this is a dual pedal, overdrive and distortion. the new version costs $150 new and functionally is almost exactly the same as what I'm selling. route 66.. old white box version. lots of cool reliccing. works perfect. AC input is a bit janky and the AC wire might come out if it's bumped, otherwise fine. it's rarely an issue but if I was going to use it live I'd use a battery anyway. battery works fine. this is a dual pedal, overdrive and compression. the new version costs $150 new and functionally is almost exactly the same as what I'm selling. today prices only because I need fast money: J&H $35 shipped conus, paypal R66: $35 shipped conus, paypal
  11. with box etc.. now asking $75 shipped conus. this really is a good deal.
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