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  1. Did you end up fixing it yourself? Burned out resister seems like an easy fix.. Hope you didn't chuck the pedal. nope, i still have the pedal. i didn't want to wreck it trying to fix it even if it was easy. i'm still waiting to find someone a bit more professional with a soldering iron that can fix it.
  2. Was it out of warranty and did it get fried due to something like a wrong power supply being used? I'd need more details before even considering drawing any conclusions, but on the surface, that certainly doesn't sound good... I have the Dano Cool Cat Fuzz. I am not certain it's a clone, but it's a cool sounding fuzz. Not my all-time favorite, but definitely a cool and useable fuzz. nope, fran has a "lifetime warranty" whatever that means. i had it plugged into a pedal power with voltage sag on, and it stopped working. opened it up and the resistor next to the power input looked burnt.
  3. fuck fran. my peachfuzz got fried and i emailed her about sending it back for repair. she told me that's "not really how we do things here" and sent me a link to the buy page for a new peachfuzz, which was now $340. that being said, the peachfuzz is the best dirt pedal i've ever had.
  4. played at my high school when i was 14, in front of about 250 people. played for an hour, all originals, killed it. i felt like a rockstar afterwards. ever since then it's all i've wanted to do.
  5. electric warrior was the first record i ever had in my collection i still find marc bolan as cool as i did the day i first saw that record
  6. Admittedly, I was thinking the same thing. The dude played with Zappa in the 80s, he's been around for a while.... the zappa sushi story was my point of reference
  7. She's apprently going out with the drummer (Vinnie C). isn't he like 50? gross.
  8. i like the presonus tubepre more for vox and guitar. of course, the presonus is $100.
  9. mfwomb.tumblr.com i post dumb {censored}
  10. its definitely muff. the fuzztones are huge, monstrous, and completely lost in the mix fwiw mangum played a hollowbody gibson as well.
  11. i've got a barber direct drive, a vintage fx tubescreamer, and a modded proco rat that does great low gain.
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