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  1. Everyone does realize this thread is almost two years old, right?
  2. They seem to be built like tanks and the quality was good IMO. Before I bought mine I looked up the reviews. Everyone loved them. Maybe I just got a bad one? I was able to play mine before buying but I was unfairly influenced. I was out of town and spotted it on CL and arranged to meet the guy at a high end hotel. When I took it out of the case and started playing a group of attractive, business type gals stopped to listen then gave me a round of applause. Looking back, I really think they were working with the seller. Tried a lot of different strings as well. I really wanted to like the guitar but I never did. I think that's what they call "class." That's got to be one of the best Craig's List stories I've ever heard, FBH. I would've kept the guitar just as a conversation piece.
  3. I was always under the impression that bearclaw spruce was solely a cosmetic thing, though I could be wrong. What Howie said about any possible difference in tone is spot-on. I'd be willing to bet that the general tonal variations between guitars would trump any difference in tone due the presence (or lack) of bearclaw spruce.
  4. I've never owned or played a short scale guitar, so take this with a grain of salt, but I don't think you'd notice a huge difference by upping (or lowering) the string gauge. FWIW, I put some 13s on my Seagull the last time I restrung it in hopes that the heavier strings would give me better tone, and I like the 12s I usually use a lot better, both in terms of ease of playing and tone. If I was you, I'd just use the 12s. That's a pretty standard gauge. Maybe go down to 11s, but learning to play on thicker strings isn't necessarily a bad thing. Builds finger muscle . . . and character too .
  5. Willie Nelsons guitar shall end up in it's rightful place in Country Music Hall Of Fame in Nashville Tennessee.. Where-as Ma guitar as you see it is in the hall of frame
  6. They sound familiar for some reason. I think someone around here uses them and likes them, but if I post a name, it'll inevitably be the wrong one . If you're looking for something that sounds similar to D'Addario PBs, John Pearse strings are supposed fit the bill. Rumor has it that they're just rebranded D'Addarios anyway. I'm not sure if there's any credence to that, but I've got a set on my Ovation right now and they're decent. Probably on par with the D'Addarios . . . maybe a hair better.
  7. I agree with Glenn. Looks like a pre-Godin guitar. But it sure is sweet ! Happy NGD, man. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with that guitar. I know I would!
  8. If that's the case, it should be in excellent condition. You might be getting a better bargain than you bargained for. No kiddin'! Some people get all the luck. I smell an NGD in your near future !
  9. Um, I'm thinking I may have lost this one. The guy posted it for $200 including a hard case which looked like a mint TKL or similar in the picture. We exchanged a couple emails and I was trying to get him to lower the price ( what can I say?) and he hasn't gotten back to me. My email is screwy sometimes and seems to lag a day, so I'm still hoping. I offered him $150, figuring the case was worth $50, and I'd have the guitar for $100. I've been on the lookout for a decent 6 gun for about a hundred bux that I could just throw in the car anytime without worrying too much about it, hence the whole sordid affair. I really don't need another guitar, but now you guys have me really jonesing for this one! Update to follow. The other alternative is that the seller got dozens of E-mails from people that wanted to buy the guitar, then realized that perhaps he wasn't asking enough. I've had this happen a few times in the past on CL. Usually, they'll stop all communications, pull the ad, then repost whatever they're selling at a higher price.
  10. BUY IT NOW!...they sell for almost $500 new here in Canada and they have a solid cedar top with laminate mahogany back and sides. I have been gasing for one of those for years. Normans are great guitars and if it needs a neck re-set it can be done in 10 minutes since they have a bolt on neck system similar to Taylor's. At the very least go try it out. My thoughts exactly ! Do it. Now! I'm not familiar with that particular model---or any of the Norman models, for that matter---but Norman is owned by Godin, which is the same company that makes Seagull, Simon & Patrick, and Art & Lutherie. All the Godin acoustics are made in the same factory and the only difference between a lot of the guitars is the brand on the headstock. It's a smokin' deal, man. Go for it !
  11. You're right on Seagull. Thanks. Except now it's up to twenty-two posts instead of twenty-one. Either way, the fact that we're all commenting on the guitars and/or the suspiciousness of the thread is just feeding the troll's appetite. So really, we should all shut up .
  12. Call me a cynic and a conspiracy theorist, but does anyone else find it strange that twenty-one of the posts in this thread have been made by users with three posts or less? And that people with just a single post bump the thread every so often? Smells like a troll to me :poke:.
  13. People get a guitar from an unfamiliar maker and Google for info on it. The first article up (just now) in Google is a Wikipedia article, then two mentions from vintaxe.com and then there's Harmony Central at return 4... I guess that might explain it too . But I like my theory better .
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