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  1. JCM 2000 DSL 100 w/ brand new JJ E34L's and some cash?
  2. I need this! PM sent Send me a pm or call/text.
  3. Post deleted. Don't wanna sabotage your sale. I see it's on E-bay. I'll pm the last couple of members that just missed my Peavey power amp that I just sold. They may be interested, keep you from paying the E-bay fees. wrathchild1... mind your own
  4. I've got a 2x12. PM sent with a pic.
  5. ah. Still wanna buy an MXR 6-band? Yes I do. PM sent!
  6. Price Drop! And I'm willing to do a partial trade for .... - MXR 6 band EQ - Vintage 30 (16 ohm)
  7. Thanks bro! Glad to hear you're digging your MP-1/Classic 60. I think the ADA's gain matches well with the PV's 6L6's.
  8. Sorry, no trades. Ive gotta just sell the rack amp.
  9. ADA MP-1 Preamp..........SOLD Peavey Classic 60/60 Stereo Tube Power Amp ...........SOLD
  10. '04 Marshall JCM 800 2203 - FJA Modded Reissue - True Bypass FX Loop - Biased for 6550's - Bass Mod - Gain Boost Nothing crazy with these mods. Touch of a gain boost and more low end. Really good Master Volume and True Bypass Effects Loop. Great shape cosmetically, clean pots, jacks, tube sockets. Perfect working condition. Quality output and preamp tubes w/ very low hrs. Tung-Sol 6550 Power Tubes Groove Tubes 12AX7 in V1... JJ ECC83S's in V2 and V3. ..... Sold '95 Marshall JCM 900 1960A cab - Stereo Cab - 4, 8, 16 ohm - (4) Celestion Vintage 30's Great Condition. Solid cabinet ....... SOLD
  11. Looking for a Rotovibe. Had to sell one last fall, and wanna put one back in my signal chain. PM me if one's around.
  12. Looking for a used Rotovibe for a reasonable price ... PM me if anybody wants to sell one.
  13. I've got some money in the mods, but to tell you the truth... it's the look of the 800's. I saw a million of them back in the day, and i'm over it. I couldn't wait to get this one though. I've had NMV MkII's, 2204, 2203's and I wanted a reissue for the 800 look and to try using a Marshall w/ an FX Loop. I DO love the True Bypass fx loop with this JCM 800 RI. But w/ my oversized Fender 2x12, I want a Plexi Reissue w/ the FX Loop. I love the circuit of the Non Master Marshall's, but I just want the more classic look of the Plexi RI. Gotta 100w or 50w Plexi Reissue w/ FX Loop for Trade??
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