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  1. JCM 2000 DSL 100 w/ brand new JJ E34L's and some cash?
  2. I need this! PM sent Send me a pm or call/text.
  3. Post deleted. Don't wanna sabotage your sale. I see it's on E-bay. I'll pm the last couple of members that just missed my Peavey power amp that I just sold. They may be interested, keep you from paying the E-bay fees. wrathchild1... mind your own
  4. I've got a 2x12. PM sent with a pic.
  5. ah. Still wanna buy an MXR 6-band? Yes I do. PM sent!
  6. Price Drop! And I'm willing to do a partial trade for .... - MXR 6 band EQ - Vintage 30 (16 ohm)
  7. Thanks bro! Glad to hear you're digging your MP-1/Classic 60. I think the ADA's gain matches well with the PV's 6L6's.
  8. Sorry, no trades. Ive gotta just sell the rack amp.
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