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  1. I'm asking 750 for it. It has casters on the bottom and it sounds awesome. I'll post a couple pics soon.
  2. Hi, that cab is long gone man. But so am selling a Sunn 6x12 straight baffle cab. Would you be interested in that?
  3. I have a V2 That I could get rid of. Message me if you like.
  4. Bump For pics. Entire head has been cleaned and detailed after these pics.
  5. This is a 1986 JCM 800 2203 100 watt head. It is in good physical condition with only small nicks in the Tolex and minor wear on the panels. All of the knobs are intact and all of the inputs and outputs, DI jacks and speaker jacks are tight and work perfectly. All of the feet are present and in good shape and the handle is tight and secure. This amp was gone through a couple months ago for new tubes at Abell Audio. It has a set of JJ EL34's. They repaired a couple cold solder joints and replaced a few resisters. All of the pots have been flushed and lubed and the pilot light on the standby switch has been replaced. The master volume pot was pretty scratchy right before the normal volume jump but the cleaning has helped it. I wanted to replace all of the preamp tubes but they said it was working fine and that it sounded amazing so I'll let you be the judge. This amp sounds great. It has THE Marshall rock tone. 80s and beyond. I'm asking $1100. $1200 with a heavy duty Latch top, ATA roadcase. Price includes shipping.
  6. I have a pair of British made Celestion Green backs in 8ohm. I don't need any other speakers though. I would sell them for 200 shipped. Let me know.
  7. This is still available. I would do 350. Bumping one last time!
  8. Hi, Im looking to sell my Sovtek Mig 100. I've been using it as a back up and a slave for bigger shows. I just had it gone over by a technition and he installed metal input jacks and switches. He also retraced some solder and lubed all of the pots. It's a screamer in its own right but I'm down sizing so it has to go. It is in very good condition with only light marks on the tolex and some scuffs on the corners. The logo plate has fallen off which is common on these early MIGs because they were just glued onto the tolex. I am looking into replacing it but I'd rather just sell it as is. It has always been kept in it's heavy duty road case. I'm asking $600 I'm in Central Ohio.
  9. ^Thanks man, yeah they are great. Still for sale. I have two rectos and have to get rid of this one.
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