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    Mesa/Boogie 20/20

    Been playing for 13 years, i have tried a lot of amps, power amps, preamps and combos and this one is a great one, portable, versatile, excellent sound, what else do you need? it fits perfectlly into my setup. You can hardly find 20/20´s new/used because everybody loves them!
  2. Make 'n Music might be the best place in the world to try out pedals. +1
  3. Lexicon PCM70 for stereo delays, PCM41 for mono delays Yamaha SPX900 for pitch detune and symphonic DMC System Mix line mixer Axess GRX4 to feed the FX units and CFX4 to swicth preamp channels
  4. Try to avoid noise gates, but if needed use a IIC, IICX, Guitar Silencer, but in a switchable loop so you can bypass it on cleans..., however a Decimator is a much better unit.
  5. Mark Cameron, Mike Soldano, R. Bogner, John Suhr, Bob Bradshaw Custom Audio Electronics, Splawn, David Bray, Voodoo Amps, Bogner, Roccaforte. Dave Friedman Rack Systems, Bruce Egnater. Don't know if R.Bogner, B.Egnater and J.Suhr are doing mods anymore. Pala
  6. Soldano SLO100, and probably some modded Marshalls. Pala
  7. Listen to this Gmajor chorus sound (only a Gmajor used) Gmajor chorus Try this settings if you liked that sound... FX blocks routed semi-parallel Classic Chorus Rate:0.085 Depth:85% Hi Cut:5khz Mix:30% Detune Voice1: -7 Voice2: +9 Delay1: 10ms Delay2: 15ms Mix: 35 Dual Delay Dly1: 600ms Dly2: 650ms FB1:25% FB2:30% Hi cut: 3.5khz Mix: 35% I don
  8. I think that both, the CAE Line Mixer (old full rack), and the DMC SM+ have 4 split outs (if i remember correctly) 1/2 rack CAE and DMC SM only have 2 split outs... You can build a split boxes too (it
  9. Look for: Cae Line Mixer DMC System Mix or System Mix Plus Skrydstrup LM35 Those were made with guitar rigs in mind... Pala
  10. I double with the delay set at 26ms with only one repeat. Pala
  11. I will go comp-->boost, but try both ways and trust your ears... Pala
  12. Originally posted by Lensrock Make n music is definitely the best store in town for boutique stuff. Don
  13. Presence A can make a hell of a difference in tone on the Blue and Red channels, i set mine between 2 and 3 o'clock, and i set Presence B to the green ch. Pre EQ
  14. Michael, Plexi mode is great (needs volume! lot
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