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  1. DSCN0299.jpg

    This is a bag that originally came with a printer sold by HP.


    A bit of work with a needle and thread and some Velcro I had left from another project. Makes a great man purse when on the bike.

    It also is just big enough to carry things needed for the jams at a friend's house, namely my G1X processor, cables, condoms and all else needed.

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    Well, kinda. I've had the mahogany neck and finally found a home for it. Body is a paulownia second. Mucho neck fitting with PC woody. But came together for a good player.

    the finish, well, it ain't finish yet.


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  3. Guys, I've been down this road before. My ears tell me to always parallel rather than series, when possible. I don't know what it is MY ears react to, but that sums it up. All the fancy schmancy ohm's law interpretations are great for fixing your boat trailer's lights. When it comes to your ears, well...............duh, ain't rocket surgery. Do what YOUR EARS tell you is right. Use the 'guidelines' to keep from blowin' sheeit up.

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  4. The Junior does have an on/off switch for the speaker. The ZT FAQ is a bit strange as I've never seen a 6 ohm speaker. We all know an 8 ohm is usually somewhere between 6 and about 7.5 measured DC resistance. I'm presuming any 8 ohm speaker would work as impedance and resistance ain't the same thang. The speaker cabs they sell for the Lunchbox are rated at 8 ohms. So unless they're doing something strange, the speaker would show typical DC resistance of any 8 ohm speaker. My vision is making a pine cab to put it in with an Eminence 1058. Decent speaker, fairly efficient and able to handle the 35 WRMS these little buggers put out. And I gotz one. So I'd use the existing speaker wires. If I'm lucky I can pull it off without voiding the warranty, just depends on what hardware gets a drop of paint.

    The biggest detractor I've read on these is that the small speaker, well, it's a small speaker. 'Nuff said

  5. Right. The difference is about 4/5 of a dB (0.792dB if you want to get picky) but by then you're at deafening levels (I heard years ago that a "good seat" at a Kiss concert would expose you to 110dB or more; imagine being on stage) anyway. A speaker with a sensitivity of 98dB will be pumping out 118dB at 1 meter with an input of 100 Watts. By that point, an extra 0.8dB won't matter. I have a 65 Watt Fender 1X12 amp, my fellow praise band guitarist has a 75 Watt Peavey 1X12. Both amps are SS. Assuming the same sensitivity for both speakers, his amp can go 0.62dB louder than mine, which is negligible. In practice, neither of us gets a chance to really crank his amp anyway.


    DE, nice job of trimming it down for us peasants. Let's talk about how this fits the big equation. Phil will tell you I'm the over simplifier champion of ALL forums.

    With the smaller amps, under 50W, it really matters what the SPL is for the speaker IMO. However my fave amp is a single ended EL84 with only a volume knob. Old, not really efficient 12" alnico organ speaker. fook me, it wails!!!

    But add 4 dB SPL to a 30 watt amp and you gain clean headroom. You really can't quantify what yer ears are hearin'. If everybody around you says yer wailin'...............


    Exactly! As I said in the article...



    So let's assume we have a speaker with a sensitivity of 90dB @ 1W / 1m and a power handling capacity of up to 100W. If we power that speaker with 1W of power, it will generate 90dB when measured at a distance of 1 meter. If we double that power to 2W, the SPL measurement will increase to 93dB. If we increase the power to 10W, then the SPL measurement will increase to 100dB, which is "twice the perceived loudness" when compared to 1W. So it actually takes ten times more power to give us a perceived doubling of volume level.


    So in the end run, a 120 watt amp, all other things being equal, will not sound louder than a 100 watt amp. Because it's also a matter of what your ears can stand. And at that point, your brain is telling you to quit and it really doesn't matter. This type of analysis is very well suited to a smaller amp/wattage config. Those who haven't read Phil's link should do so ASAP. He explains some semi-complex things in a simplified manner that makes sense.


    Go to the link. Take a 25 watt amp with a 94.5dB SPL speaker. Stick a 98.7 in the b!tch. Holy loudness Batman!!

  7. I have a Peavey Classic thirty. I can't describe my problem as a "swarm of bees" but I suddenly noticed mine have a similar problem. I found myself having to turn the treble all the way out and boost bass and mids to get it sounding better. I thought it was my homemade strat. Started plugging in other guitars and found it to be the same, no matter the guitar. Trying to add any trebles makes it very ice picky. Extremely bright, almost painful. My other amps sound just fine.


    Any thoughts on the cause? I'm thinking it is a tube.....


    I'll sum up what WRG was asking. Using the right cord/s? Any recent work or speaker swaps? Stock tubes?

  8. Just called this guy back. He has no means of getting me pics.

    "Oh the speaker cloth is torn and there's a ding on the bottom left corner"

    I think I'll wait till later in the spring when the weather is nice AND I have my fishing boat ready for summer.

    This may end up being a project.



    I ended up putting different cloth on this cab and selling it empty to a local cat. The Legends do have the aforementioned characteristics highlighted by WRG. In this deep cab and a variety of amps, the operative phrase would be low and mid honk. I'm a rhythm guy. That's the tone I like. One speaker, oversize cab made of 5/8 and 1/2 Baltic and I could make a cool, lightweight amp good for taking to my friend's house/s.

  9. This question comes up often enough, and there's enough misunderstanding about it that I wrote an article about it.


    Wattage, Speaker Efficiency and Amplifier "Loudness"


    It will hopefully answer your questions and give you a better idea of some of the variables involved, but if you have any questions please let me know. :wave:






    Phil great link!!! Need to find the author and tell him he did good.......


    a 100W amp is not going to sound twice as loud as a 50W amp

    I quoted this from your article and confirmed my motorcycle analogy. Loud is loud.

  10. I'm getting 20 mpg with my current ride, so.......I'm looking at around 12 bucks for it. I have the Eminence 1058 which should at least work.

    Also the guy called and said it's a teal stripe, so I'm thinkin' early '90's USA made.

  11. What's the real story on these? I have a chance to pick one up cheap as in gas to go a hunnert miles to get it.. Has no speaker. I have a 1058 I can use. It's an early, USA one I believe

    Good? Bad? Ugly? I'm told everything else is fully functional.

  12. This looks interesting. Most likely a crap speaker. I'm thinking about getting this, putting it in a pine cab and installing a Mod10-35.

    I'm itching to do a dovetail pine cab in the shop.

    Another one on my wish list.

    http://www.amazon.com/ZT-Amplifiers-.../dp/B008B5LKUA I'm seriously thinking about this one. Camping season is almost on us, this would be great as is.

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