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  1. is this head still for sale?
  2. Ok! Cool! What's an IMG? upload the pics to the site, then click on the 'my albums' link. your pictures will be there. hover the mouse over a picture and you will see a drop down 'menu'. click on the IMG Code box and it will highlight the contents of the box. right click, copy. paste this code into this thread by either + or right click then paste. voila.
  3. you can open a free account on a site like photobucket. then you can upload your pictures there and link them to this thread. once you've got the pics on photobucket (pretty straight forward) you copy the IMG link under the photo and paste it in the thread. the picture will then appear. the bonus of doing it this way is that you aren't limited by size because the picture isn't taking up HC's server space.
  4. does it come with a case or gig bag?
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