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  1. Don't have a Hiwatt cab, but this '77 head into my 2x12 Jackson/Celestian cab is gorgeous (and well used!).
  2. Hey Marc. When are you coming down to the bay area next? You've got to come by and check out the new digs. Brother; I've seriously been meaning to call you!! I figured we would be able to pop out some time after the holidays. Now I'm waiting for a bit of decent driving weather to coincide with a day that the little one isn't spending the night. Will get in touch for sure and get on this. Looking forward to seeing you again.
  3. Are you new here? Pretty obvious why they all left. I'm not sure why we're still here to be honest. Cool history thread! Nice to see I'm on track with my 2005 self's business plan.
  4. Time for some drinking. What is it--Tuesday? Yeah, for sure.
  5. {censored} this {censored}ing bull{censored}. This is the HM {censored}ing thread. Go {censored} yourselves right now or I'll {censored}ing delete it my {censored}ing self.
  6. The screwdriver is up there with the NVN brontoboost as being one of the worst sounding pedals I've owned. I call them insta-flips, a pedal you plug in and 10 seconds later...straight to the gear page or ebay with it. Either you have an amp that is REALLY finicky about what pedals it likes and doesn't like or else you have got some kind of personal issue with Skreddy Pedals. It certainly takes longer than 10 seconds to dial in a Screw Driver before you can make such a judgment. Of course "worst sounding" is always a subjective call by definition and ultimately meaningless since it's nothing but a value judgment and not a description of its operation or tonal response or gain structure. If you'd spent any time with it at all, you'd have figured out how to make it sound best with your guitar and your amp (there are trimmers that control both the input gain and the output brilliance, for example, which would go a long way towards dialing/matching the correct response for both your guitar and your amp), I guarantee, and you would not be capable of describing it in such terms. The parts I use, down to every single resistor and capacitor, and ESPECIALLY the choices of transistors I use, are far from hastily-chosen or cheap or typical. I do not make crap or throw-away-quality junk. If it sounds like I'm insulted, it's because I do take my work very seriously and very personally. If ever I let something get out of my home and into somebody else's home that is not everything I intend it to be, I make every effort to fix that. Nothing I do is cheap or disposable, and I don't expect my customers to accept poor quality work or poor quality tone. Please, if anybody has an issue with their Skreddy Pedal, contact me about it before flipping it. It may have something wrong with it that I can fix for you rather than passing it on to the next used-pedal buyer... Best regards, Marc http://skreddypedals.com
  7. Any pedals that ape the Lunar Module? I'm not into standard Fuzz Faces/clones. Love the Lunar Module's sound but I don't know if have 2 benjies to throw on it. EDIT: I guess everything is around that price. It doesn't sound very good with humbuckers, though. Why do all fuzzes suck with buckers You can turn the Lunar's "range" aka "pre-gain" trimpot down (like all the way) to get it to work the same with humbuckers as with singlecoils.
  8. It's inflammatory, melodramatic and silly. I don't mean any personal offense, but I dislike such extreme rhetoric when used to describe such trivial matters as this one. I thought I made it clear that I was not comparing like things but making an extreme logical contrast, only to point out that tolerating a lie from any company CEO about the content of their product is not acceptable in my opinion, even in "trivial" matters.
  9. But these days, that is not a big company. 16M is plenty big if they only have 30 employees. Do you suppose each Evets Corp worker makes anywhere near 16M/30= $533,333.33 per year? I wonder how much Steve pulls. I wonder how much the workers in China who actually make the stuff earn? I bet it's on the order of one dollar per hour. You take that 16M in earning power, built on the backs of virtual-slave-level wages and use it to undercut a little American guy who makes everything by hand to feed his family and tell me how your "Evets is not a big company" argument has any relevance.
  10. Maybe because I work for a big company, I am somewhat immune to corporate double speak. The "I'll check it out" response, is a stall. Frankly, Dano would have been better off ignoring the whole thing. Cloning or "improving" goes on all the time. Any controversy would have blown over. By responding to Paul, they basically opened up a whole can of worms that can't be closed. My position is that even admitting that they had an evil dastardly plan in place to take over the bootique market (which I still see no proof of), it's not too bad in this day and of multi-billion dollar fraud. People need to chill out. I can accept that as a perfectly rational opinion, though nobody has yet broached the topic of a dastardly plan yet.
  11. Just mentioning it in the thread is practically a Godwin. It's a perfectly acceptable form of rhetoric. It's called taking an argument to its logical conclusion. If we accept being lied to about a company CEO not knowing what is in his stompbox, then what would happen if we accept being lied to about another company CEO not knowing what is in his baby formula. I did not intend to evoke the emotions concomitant with a dead baby, nor was I making a comparison between stomp boxes and poisoning babies--I was merely taking a logical position to its end.
  12. Somwhat tongue in cheek, I am sure. But, (common sense) never trust marketing hype from ANYBODY. Honestly, Dano doesn't deserve to be tarred and feathered like they have been. Bull{censored}. Just because assholes lie all the time doesn't mean we should tolerate being lied to. There are times, sure, when lying about a product being "great" when it sux is not big deal. But think about it if everybody lied all the time. "This baby formula is not full of the chemical dioxin" is a lie we don't tolerate. Why is it okay to tolerate "I have no idea what is in the pedals I'm selling"?
  13. the topic, as some see it, is about being lied to by dano. agreed takes issue with that. the companies i listed have engaged in lying, and there are many, many others. dano is hardly breaking new ground. do you see it differently? It just seemed like you were trying to lay a foundation of a "lying is okay because we accept it from companies all the time" argument. That's just the sort of thing I'm hoping we can avoid by calling them on their BS every time it happens and not tolerating it--especially when it comes from a company founder/CEO...
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