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  1. Ebay takes more money than I remember.... I'm looking for as close to $200 as possible.
  2. I wouldn't mind a nice blue/greenish color strat; maybe even one with a rosewood fretboard if it's interesting color.
  3. Why would HCEG be a better place when it's this place that's full of people that regularly use eBay? I could put it in Open Jam and see it turn into an Obama thread somehow.
  4. It's what you get when there's no mod around....usually.
  5. I've been buying and selling on eBay for over 6 years, and as I just sold a guitar today, today's the first times my money has been "on hold." It's only $270 or so. How does this work? All I could gather is that they can hold the funds for up to 21 days.
  6. I'd rather do a local deal since I can't find any boxes in my area that can fit a guitar. I had to use an oversized one to ship a Les Paul, the dimensions and the heavy LP made it pretty expensive to ship. I'd do a trade as long as you're comfortable with shipping first so I can use the same box to ship it back. Anyway, onto the guitar. I got it through trade with a missing saddle; I painted a saddle from an American Fender Strat black, so it doesn't stick out too bad. It's in good condition, it has the only stock Ibanez pickups I like; I got a really good Tony Iommi-like distortion with a tube amp I tried out at Guitar Center. It sounds pretty good distorted on my solid state, a little noisy on clean. Speaking of my solid state, I'm looking to sell my Peavey Studio Pro 112, PM for details.
  7. Whoever PM'd me about the Muff...make up your mind, don't leave me hanging. I cleared out my inbox after someone said "I'll take it" and I gave him my Paypal. It's getting annoying...I have a lot of people saying that with no one taking action. I'm wondering if it's a scam of some sort?
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