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  1. I'm looking at a new pedal to use as a booster/light overdrive to compliment my Marshall Drivemaster now that I've got a bit of extra cash. I love my Drivemaster as an alternative to my clean sound, but the lower gain sounds have never really been stellar. Past 12 o'clock on the gain is where it really comes into its own I think. For ages I've been using an OCD clone, which is a great pedal, but just isn't the right one for either light drive or volume boosting. The demos I've seen and heard using the Soul Food are fantastic and I've heard great things about it. The only thing that worries me is the couple of bad reviews that some XO and nano pedals get regarding build quality. Ideally I wouldn't pay attention to them but it's in the back of my mind when thinking about the SF. I guess that's where the Boss OD-3 edges it slightly. Again, the demos I've seen are fantastic but I haven't seen many where it's boosting a pedal rather than an amp. My only concern there would be that the bass might become a bit bloated or get a bit noisy. As it stands, I'm leaning towards the Soul Food but there's a shop round the corner from me that has an OD-3 that I could probably get for around the same price as a Soul Food. Before I pull the trigger, what are other people's thoughts on either pedal?
  2. Since I'm only a few months away from graduating from university, I thought I'd treat myself and try and buy a DMM. I've been gassing for one so badly recently - the sounds are just so so good. I tried to convince myself that the Memory Boy would satisfy but I just can't While I'd love to be able to afford one of the big box old style ones, they're regularly going for £200 plus over in the UK, whereas the newer ones are selling second-hand for around £100 if you're lucky. Has anyone tried both of them? I know the only feature difference in the chorus/vibrato switch is now another knob and the BBD chips have changed but apart from that they're the same I'm assuming. I'm hoping this is just a case of vintage mojo driving the price up.
  3. Subdecay Blackstar might be worth a shout. I've always wondered why it wasn't more popular with people around here - great little pedal, if you an find it cheap.
  4. Cheers for the advice guys. Pickups wise, what are people's opinions on mini-humbuckers, in this case from the Riviera? Tone wise, i'm looking for something to compliment the single coils in my Tele with a "beefier" (I hate using that word) tone, but not overly dark like some semi/full hollow guitars have. Possibly looking at replacing the pickups in a Dot/Sheraton if I buy one. I was so close to bidding on a Riviera about 10 miles away from me, but my reluctant to eBay buy got the better of me.
  5. Basically, i'm off to university in Southampton soon and want a new guitar as a last present before money gets tight. My desire for a semi-hollow has reached ridiculous levels. In terms of sound, i'm looking for something hotter than my Telecaster but not too dark, hence why i've been looking at P-90 equipped guitars and mini humbuckers. The "frequensator" bridge on the Riviera interests me, is it an easy thing to restring? I've read someone complaining that their favourite brand of strings wasn't long enough on the lower strings. Budget wise, i've got around
  6. For Sale: Vox V830 Distortion/Booster - good condition,
  7. I only went for the Saturday at Reading this year, and I have to agree. Most of the crowd was there purely to watch one song (in this case, it was Common People or Reptilia) and be shown on the TV screens for 5 seconds. After the 3rd time being pushed over with the rest of your mates, it gets quite tedious/boring. On a positive note, The National, Pulp and The Strokes were all fantastic.
  8. As someone who only just finished school and shortly off to university (in London), I genuinely feel ashamed to be in the same age group as half of these absolutely mindless cretins.
  9. Yeah, same here, really poor start. Didn't have a clue what I was doing to begin with Slowly pulled my way back up and was really getting the hang of things towards the end. All good fun! Does anyone else think the prices are a bit on the steep side this year? Right you are I think. The usual suspects are ridiculously priced (Lampard, Gerrard, Torres, Chicharito this year) but so many of last years stars have gone up in price. I can't justify Leighton Baines this year, but Seamus Coleman for 7 million? Not a chance. My most expensive players are Nani and Van Der Vaart, but only because of how well they did last season. Saying that, Wilshere at 6.5 million and Given at 5.5 million are both great bargains.
  10. That was without the worst guitar pedal demo I have ever seen. The guy knows absolutely nothing about the pedals he's playing, and can barely play. His response to what the POG 2 can do was just "it does organ sounds." Douche
  11. I remember someone linking this ages ago and I thought it was brilliant, very entertaining. Sadly, I can't find it on YouTube, but there was a programme on BBC4 a few months ago about Brian Eno which was really good as well.
  12. For Sale: ProCo Rat 2 with mods - Left switch between Turbo Rat and standard Rat - Right switch between Reutz and standard Great condition with velcro on the bottom, comes with box and instructions.
  13. My old band always used to finish on Reptilia by The Strokes But to really blow them away
  14. For Sale: Vox V-830 Valvetone pedal, very good condition
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