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  1. I'd'a done something like this. Kinda let loose with the sawzall and then come back in with the new wood, wood filler, and then blended it all with ten cans of clear spray lacquer. It's the old beat it to fit, paint it to match method and then swear that it's opening up nicely every other week thereafter.

  2. See how it goes. I played a lot of guitar during the last great depression so there's always that. Last standing of the old guys, yes, but the new are big in numbers. It comes down to tolerance for reading repeated discussions of same subject from the same palette on the same canvas by the same people. That I won't do so now I beg out of it and let others like Freeman tend to them. My position on that kind of contribution is becoming the norm across the greater community so the actual participation of the membership has dramatically thinned.

  3. I think sometimes' date=' some people take these forums too serious. I visit several different ones. There is something of interest to me in every one I visit. There is also inevitably something that will piss me off from time to time. Short of a personal attack, I don't let peoples opinions bother me. To each his own. Don't sweat the small {censored}. Participate![/quote']



    What he said.

  4. Thanks Idunno for posting that. I'm not generally into 'cowboy' narratives but the gentle and sensitive guitar and the singing encouraged me to listen to the end. I'm glad I did.




    James Taylor wrote that for his new-born nephew, also named James, back in 1970. I wonder if the kid, now 44, has any stories to tell about growing up the subject of one of his uncle's most well-received songs. Oh, and thanks. I tried to give it my best.

  5. wtf...gotta give credit where it's due. They're trying. I just hope it sticks after GC gets sold off here shortly.


    Just recorded this an hour ago. I put a Zoom H4 on a wall shelf about 12 feet from a Fishman SA220. The amp was set for dry guitar with some reverb on voice. The guitar is the Goodall RCJC with D'Addario EJ16s. The mike is a Shure SM57. The guitar system is the PWM into the amp via a Nady MGT-16 wireless. I recorded standing up reading the lyrics from my computer because I can't remember crap these days. Besides a frog popping up to see what the noise was about, at the usual critical point, it came out okay.



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  6. hi go here if it's acoustic and not electronic that you are looking at
    . FWIW I would look at spending $4000 on an acoustic upright and the other $1000 on say a Casio privia for when you don't want the sound of a piano echoing through the house I know that it is what a lot of people do.


    Thanks for the link. After I signed off my wife did a little searching and came up with something altogether different than just an acoustic piano. She thinks it would be the better all around instrument. It's a Yamaha CLP-280 Clavi-something-or-other. I don't really care as long as they're happy with it. The description at Yamaha's site sounds cool enough. Ever seen/played one of these?


    I'm in Florida. We don't open windows here so I'm not too worried about collateral damage to the neighbor's ears. The inside of my house is one big echo chamber though. My acoustic guitar needs no amplification to be heard throughout the house. I expect there will need to be some rules about playing addressed.

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