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  1. Hey, I have a really cool vintage tempo hollowbody up for sale/ trade. It's a great 60's japanese copy, I actually got it a few weeks ago in a trade, but it's not really my style and I really need cash. It's sunburst in color, has a cool vibrato and has two knobs (Volume and Tone) Made in Japan. The pups are pretty cool because they can cover the thin, bluesy sound of a strat when playing on a clean amp, but when it gets distorted it starts sounding warm and smooth like a hollowbody should be. The pickups are actually single coil. It needs a set up and new set of strings, but other than that this baby is ready to rock n roll! The guitar has a some scratches and a really small hole that looks to be a from the pickup ring right above the neck pup, but other than that it is in pretty good shape for a 40 year old guitar. Price is $350, but I will accept partial trades for pedals, I could use a: Fuzz pedal (Cream Puff, or any vintage fuzz) High end Wah (Colorsound, Budwah) 4 track recorder Loop station Anything vintage or cool/ wierd. PLEASE NO ELECTRIC GUITAR OFFERS! I ,may consider acoustic offers, though.
  2. where did the neck and body come from? (brand) http://www.nakedbodyguitars.com/
  3. yeah... still here. Make me an interesting offer!
  4. SWEEET! Really wish you were considering trades
  5. Custom Naked Strat You have to play this one, to appriciate her. She has the BEST neck I have EVER played. I'm not exaggerating, she plays like a beauty. She has all US hardware and Fender pups, and a cool custom decal. She is all natural and feels amazing, very 'woody' She has some dents and is a real player. I got her in a trade about 3 months ago and she has been my number one ever since. Comes with case. Price: $575 OBO Trade Value: $600 And trades, I would really want: High end Fuzz pedals (Frantone Cream Puff!) Loop Station Pedal High End wah pedals (Colorsound, Budwah) Teles Jaguars/ Mustangs/ Jazzmasters I'm always up for more strats! (S/S/S, No hardtails) High end acoustic Archtop (Godin 5th Avenue) Anything Vintage I don't know, try me. No shredders. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking.
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