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  1. Auction is over, one last bump before I just keep her.
  2. Wow... This is simply stunning. Intersted in trades?
  3. bump- Thought this was sold, but the guy backed out.
  4. I own a few '60s Japanese guitars like this (tho' none of mine look this nice) so I keep an eye on ebay for them. Two years ago someone would have used the "buy it now" at that price. My guess is it won't get any bids starting at $300 as similar ones are selling below $200 now. You could trade it for something that has a similarly decreased value (most vintage guitar related items for instance) or wait til the economy improves and these items surge in value again. Nice looking example you have. I hope I'm wrong. Thanks for the bump, man. Like I said, I'm actually taking a liking towards this guitar, so if no one bids or buys it, I won't have a problem keeping her.
  5. I can do 200 if you are interested Sorry, man that's a little too low. Bump... relisted on eBay- http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290385333908 And if it doesn't sell there, I'll keep her.
  6. Anybody want a one of a kind strat for christmas?
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