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  1. ^ Thanks for the offer, man, but I'll pass. A bump for pedals + cash?
  2. Fender Showmaster H with an EMG 85? Hey thanks for the offer, but I'll pass.
  3. Custom Naked Strat You have to play this one, to appriciate her. She has the BEST neck I have EVER played. I'm not exaggerating, she plays like a beauty. She has all US hardware and Fender pups, and a cool custom decal. She is all natural and feels amazing, very 'woody' She has some dents and is a real player. I got her in a trade about 3 months ago and she has been my number one ever since. Comes with case. Price: $575 OBO Trade Value: $600 And trades, I would really want: High end Fuzz pedals (Frantone Cream Puff!) Loop Station Pedal High End wah pedals (Colorsound, Budwah) Teles Jaguars/ Mustangs/ Jazzmasters I'm always up for more strats! (S/S/S, No hardtails) High end acoustic Archtop (Godin 5th Avenue) Anything Vintage I don't know, try me. No shredders. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking.
  4. Have you considered parting out, specifically the body? And a cash price for that if you had? Love the look of that body, just not into the rosewood boards. Sorry, but I'm selling this as one guitar. I don't really like parting out my guitars.
  5. Yeah sorry, all I got is in my sig. Good luck with the sale, though!
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