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  1. I know, sad day... Well, first up is a boss ds-1; Here is the CL post Then i have two wah pedals; Craigslist'd them! Here are some pictures; Boss ds1-$OLD! RMC Picture Wah-Traded! Hendrix Wah- SOLD! I'm open to trades!! But what i REALLY want is the Frantone Cream Puff Fuzz or any other fuzz. I would much rather you e-mail me than to PM me because i'm not on here that much, but i will come by and check my PM's. Besides, I check my e-mails more. Don't expect me to reply to your pms right away! Thanks for looking and have a nice day... on this sad day of mine!
  2. Good luck steve, I would buy that highway one is a second!! But highway 1's just aren't my thing. SOMEBODY BUY THIS!!! btw, what happened to teh blues brothers?
  3. It is in my sig, but here is the same guitar i have (same serial # and everything) It comes with a free strap that i bought for $30. It is on eBay for 5 days! Thanks for looking
  4. Will trade the Little Big Muff for a DD3, true bypass wah (will add cash) or MXR EQ... How about a boss ds-1?
  5. DAMN! That is a sweet guitar, my friend. It makes me wish i was left handed.
  6. I have an Eastman T185mx, which is a 335 copy, this is a perfect jazz guitar and it also is a good blues or rock guitar! This is is the EXCACT model i have; http://www.massstreetmusic.com/store/show_item/2595-Eastman-T185MX-Thinline same serial # and everything! Pics and info on eBay; http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290261776626 Oh and that piece of paper i took a picture of, it is basically confirming that i bought the guitar and the serial # and model and stuff like that. Thanks for checking it out, EDIT: Not for trade, sorry...
  7. Are you guys serious? I put this guitar on ebay for like $225, then $150 and then i lowered it to $125, then $118 and now it is below $100!
  8. This is a beautiful black Ibanez ICX220, perfect for metal or anyone who wants to take advantage of the 24 frets. All of the info is one the page. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=290255658637&Category=33043&_trksid=p3907.m29 Ask any questions you want. Thanks.
  9. My name is Gaycob, please don't rape me because i will not enjoy it...
  10. Burden in my Hand-Soundgarden (tuning-CGCGGE) xDRZtMkeRbY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1etr7Xrk_F8 I will probably have a vid of me playing it on youtube soon:idk:. The Wind Cries Mary+the solo (Although i need to work on it)
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