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  1. Here is a track from a complete CD of songs that have been mixed down for our singer to use as backing tracks for the finished mix. Spent ages just mixing the songs down of covers that we will put in our set. Its just drums, bass and guitar that I taped on an 8 track machine with half inch analogue tape! This track is the Free classic, "The Hunter". Whats your thoughts on how this should be Eq d or even compressed? Thanks. http://soundcloud.com/dashboard
  2. Are there any pedals out there today thea you can link in the send/return of the amp that gives a boost in volume and doesnt give a drop in treble? I have a 50 watt valve head that I had a send/return fitted so I could use a pedal for solos. I have since bought a CAE boost/overdrive and also an Award Session Soloboost, but both pedals arent doing the job I was told they would. Any ideas please?
  3. My amp I was using the pedal with is a Laney 50 watt valve head with an effects loop added by my techie friend. Guitar seriously lacked clarity. I contacted CAE and they said its not meant to be used in an effects loop! I wasnt told that by the manager of the shop when I bought the {censored}ing thing.
  4. Can anyone recommend a cheap pedal that you can put into the effects loop of a valve amp that hasnt got a level control? I bought a CAE boost/overdrive but when I use it the guitar loses all the bite and clarity.
  5. actually from what I see the effects loop on that amp is transistor based, not valve... have you tried other effects, etc in the loop with no issues? The amp doesnt come with any effects loop. I had my techie fit one.
  6. My amp is a Laney Pro-Tube Lead head. All valve 50 watts with a normal send/return on the back.
  7. Is there a volume boost pedal on the market today that you can use in the effects loop of the amp, without it making your sound lose all its top end? Bought myself a Custom Audio Electronics boost/overdrive, tried using it but it cuts all the top end from the sound. Well dissapointed, as it wasnt cheap.
  8. Anyone know anything about Custom Audio Electronics Boost/Overdrive pedals? I put one in the loop of the effects unit into the back of my amp, and the guitar lost all its clarity.
  9. Having converted a battery powered Colorsound wah wah to mains I notice a definite volume drop. Is this easily fixed?
  10. I have a coloursound wah-wah which I recently converted from battery powered to mains. When switched in there is a noticeable drop in volume. Is this a common problem, and can it be fixed? Thanks chaps.
  11. The sound of the overdrive itself is very "nasal"....... Are there any other pedals out there that can do the same as the MC402?
  12. I bought a CAE MC-402 boost/overdrive. The overdrive sound is crap. Can its sound be altered by someone qualified?
  13. Can anyone tell me if I can get a volume and gain boost for my single channel valve amp by the use of a pre amp? I have the option of buying a Sansamp PSA-1 preamp unit thats a bargain! Would this work?......a lead out of the effects loop, into the Sansamp and back into the effects loop. Surely I can get the required volume and adjustable gain sound by the multitude of sounds the Sansamp has to offer? A good idea, or wont it work? I have a Fulltone Fatboost pedal which I havent yet tried, so thats another option. Any advice appreciated thanks.
  14. Are there any pedals on the market that can give the guitar a volume boost for solos? The sound I use with my single channel 50 watt head is a metallica type sound. Rather than buy a second amp and use a switchblade pedal, I want to keep using my old faithful. I have recently bought an MXR MC402 in the hope it might do the trick. It doesnt work unless you have a clean-ish sound to boost. I dont want a clean-ish sound. Would a good volume pedal do the trick? I have heard from friends that the active ones could do the job. Any ideas chaps? Thanks.
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