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  1. Even with bands who try to control volume it can get out of hand. Ear fatigue is a thing and volume will creep up as the sets go on. I have learned to play only with those who get dynamics and how to play well with others. There are plenty technically proficient players around who somehow don't get how to leave space and play in a group. IMO it's more than just volume. Overplaying is my pet peeve.
  2. The only guitar I ever really had on my list was a top of the line Guild 12 string. I bought a new F-412 in 2014. Now I can die a happy picker.
  3. Coming at this from another angle I say skip the hybrid. The other angle is my rhythm guitarist in my modern country band picked up a very expensive Taylor in an attempt to cop acoustic or electric sounds for different songs. He sold it after just a few months and went back to exclusively using his Tele. I have been doing some duo stuff with a keyboard player lately and I only bring an acoustic. It's all you need.
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