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  1. The only guitar I ever really had on my list was a top of the line Guild 12 string. I bought a new F-412 in 2014. Now I can die a happy picker.
  2. Coming at this from another angle I say skip the hybrid. The other angle is my rhythm guitarist in my modern country band picked up a very expensive Taylor in an attempt to cop acoustic or electric sounds for different songs. He sold it after just a few months and went back to exclusively using his Tele. I have been doing some duo stuff with a keyboard player lately and I only bring an acoustic. It's all you need.
  3. Doesn't Godin make a model like that? Rhythm guitarist in my country band bought a pricey Taylor that looked similar in an effort to be able to et acoustic and electric sounds. He sold it after a few months and went back to just using his Tele. I think an acoustic does better acoustic and an electric better electric. 2k is an expensive compromise.
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