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  1. "pretty" is a better word for it. www.memoryofamelody.com/guitar/1516part.mp3 (right-click and save as) anyone heard anything similar before? is it a common blues lick? I'm a noob to the geetar. you can download the entire solo here: www.memoryofamelody.com/guitar/1516.mp3
  2. that sucks, I hope your cousin recovers fully. and I hope the guy who did this gets what he deserves.
  3. MapexDrummer

    Bugera FTL

    wrong section, plz delete.
  4. I bet you sucked these titties. my exact initial thoughts...
  5. "you're overreacting dude....I didn't get into college and check me out. I'm kickass." :lol:
  6. Texas is lame. My step grandfather lives there, and he's kind of a dick. serves you right
  7. I'm into playing anything man.. and I haven't met anyone around here that does anything like what I've done in any of my bands.. though I'm sure that'll change when I get to Austin (and I'm actually looking forward to it cause it'll make me more creative.. hopefully) ... and stephen I'm literally like two blocks away from Lewisville.. I'm amazed that you'd love Texas so much if you're from around here.. I really can't wait to get away from D/FW I've always thought highly of the dallas music scene, has it changed? Some of Texas' most successful bands are from the DFW area.
  8. found another thread discussing the heads he uses: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?t=1648490
  9. I {censored}ing love his tone..for those of you wondering what it sounds like... [YOUTUBE]OwHLEsNwJBE[/YOUTUBE] (watch at 2:17) [YOUTUBE]69ocFgvTMbU[/YOUTUBE] (watch at 1:05 then around 2:30 to the end) Dredg is playing in my town tomorrow
  10. I've always wondered the same thing...I know he uses really old marhsall heads.
  11. If I was in radiohead I would've said the same...she does have some growing up to do. I wouldn't want to be associated with an immature little girl either..especially one who makes fun of chinese people, and selena gomez...' the situation really IS .. but not even all these face palms combined can express how i feel about the situation:
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