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  1. - replace them by a pro, if im right those need to be biased.

    - you can buy the tubes anywhere local music stores probably sell them, but you can get them at many online stores too.

    - that sounds like a tube problem, and since its old and since the power-tubes arent as bright, that seems like the likely cause.

    - as for the age, im sure that silverfaces are in the 70's but im not sure. i bet someone else on here can help you better with that.



    sorry not too much help, hopefully someone else can add on, but gave you whatever info i can offer.

  2. So i turn on the valve junior today. and the light turns on. so i wait, and the sound doesn't come on. so i look in the back and both the tubes aren't lighting up at all. so i try putting a different power amp tube in there. that doesn't work. i didn't really try the pre tube cause i doubt thats the problem. any thoughts on what could be the deal with it???

  3. Dude... most people would never make the mistake. How mentally absent are you that you mix up words for other words in the first place on a constant basis
    I don't think I could type like you if I tried

    sorry i got better {censored} to do than to worry how i type :confused:

  4. Hm.
    not that I need to justify myself to you, but do you know why I post so much? During the school year, I would post while taking breaks from writing essays or reading books for english, a class you are desperately in need of. My AP chemistry homework was all online as well, so between problems I would post here. Got a 5 on that test by the way
    Also, I work every day, and can be on at work. So hmm.. unproductive? I think not. I am also in a gigging band, and have played 5 shows in the last month and have one tomorrow
    And I'm going to hang out with girls tonight, something I'm sooo sure you do all the time

    Posting on a forum doesn't show what level of success you will attain in life. Not even being able to follow the basic rules and constructs of your own native language is a pretty good indicator though

    nice, im very proud of you!

  5. It's sad that you would spend time in a place where no one likes you, you contribute nothing and you get nothing from it, and it really says a lot about your life and how meaningless it is.

    you say my life is meaningless, when all you do is go on these forums all day, (12000+ posts). Just shows how nothing in your life is productive and your just a loser that will never succeed at anything in life. you just fail at everything. and think your cool cause u go on hc and brag about how cool you think you are and how popular you are on a forum. yeah dude your sweet, wish i was just like you!

  6. Honestly I don't get the deal with Cobain... I mean I'm not really a Nirvana fan in the least but the dude could play his {censored}, and it wasn't just power chords. He's always the example of the "bad guitarist" but while he wasn't a shredder by a long shot I've never listened to a Nirvana song and thought, "damn, he sucks."
    Studio magic? Maybe he was a lot worse live?

    there you go :thu:

  7. When someone names a guitar player that has influenced thousands if not a million or more people to learn guitar as a horrible guitar player it says a lot about the person commenting.

    It doesn't say anything nice if you aren't sure what I mean.

    I never cared for Cobain or Blink182 but the talent is obvious. It's like the guy here who wrote the song about C. Ricci. He proved that the guitar on that type of song isn't as simple as it sounds if you don't have good rhythm.

    chill, im just saying there not good players, there sloppy live. i love both of there stuff. and hoestly tom is my favorite guitarist, blink is my favorite band.

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