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  1. just order that 1966 in cherry, thanks alot for the tip guys!
  2. Looking for an epiphone sg. any color, preferably not red. but its ok. case would be great too. let me know what you got. thanks!
  3. i might be considering this!! ill let you know. nice guitar and free bump
  4. the black strat come with a case?????
  5. Got a 2000 mIM standard Fat Strat and a padded gig bag (Musicans friend very protective) that I'd be willing to sell. Make me an offer. http://acapella.harmony-central.com/showthread.php?t=2371228 nice, ill think about it. thanks!
  6. I used to have an SG bass that i had this in, but i took it out and came upon it the other day. its in great condition. low usage, sounded awesome. Got a good amount of wire on it. very easy to install. comes with box. and original manual. ill post pics upon request. $40 Shipped OBO. Thanks Alot.
  7. Im Looking around for a nice mim standard Strat or tele. hss strat is cool too. would like a case with it too if you got one. thanks alot!
  8. looking for an sg, preferably with a case. and any color but that red color. but ill take offers, gimme a p.m! thanks alot.
  9. so 15$ for all 6 Mesa 12ax7's???? or is it ea. ? just checkin, may be interested. thanks.
  10. Im also selling my Ampeg SVT150 - good condition, sounds great take eather the ampeg or the hartke for 200$ shipped
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