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  1. Overall......this amp is kick ass. I can't imagine spending loads of cash on all those "boutique" amps. Why spend $1000-$3000 or even more on a quality amp when you can have one that sounds as good, if not better, for $349??? If you want great tone at a great price, just get a Songworks amp. You will not be sorry.
  2. lastdoctor

    DOD FX33 Buzz Box

    I got this thing a couple weeks ago at a nearby music store. It had been sitting in the case since it came out. It is NOS. As you know, these pedals are no longer made. They have become quite collectible. I bought it with the intention of selling it to make some money, but while testing it out, I discovered some sounds that I loved. So it became part of my setup for occasional lunacy. If you can find them anywhere, buy it. If nothing else, hold onto it for a while and sell it and make yourself a little extra cash. I would buy another one if I saw it somewhere.
  3. If you like to experiment with your sound or are looking for a new sound, give it a try. It is not for everyone. So don't go buy it to use as a distortion pedal, cause it won't get it. It is definately a pedal of aquired taste.
  4. I play mostly in the blues and rock genre with a little funk and jazz mixed in. I would recommend to anyone who is looking for a versatile overdrive pedal to go and buy one. I would definately buy another one under any circumstance. I forgot to mention that it is true bypass. All in all, it is a great pedal for $109.
  5. If you like blues go get this pedal. If you like metal, don't buy a blues pedal and expect it to give you a metal sound! Warm, durable and versatile. What else could you ask for with a pedal in this price range?
  6. This is a great pedal in general. Not just the price, but the sound. If you like fuzz, go out and buy one. I would buy this thing as many times as I need to. Danelectro might be onto something huge. Especially with good sounding pedals at reasonable prices.
  7. I play anything from blues to metal. This thing was not made for metal. It does have that "60's" sound. I could almost say you can get a Rage type sound out of it. But trying something different is supposed to help develop your tone, not someone elses. I have been playing guitar for 8 years. I own a few distorion pedals. This ties as my favorite with the Big Muff. Yet they sound totally different. If it got lost or stolen, I would go get two more. For $39, you can afford to buy two at a time. I am definatley going to check out the other pedals in the Dano mini series.
  8. It doesn't matter whether you play rock, blues, punk, or anything else. If you use this with an EQ pedal you can get just about anything you want. Fuzz to raw to beefy hardcore. Go buy it and love it. If it got lost or stolen, I would run frantically through my neighborhood naked and then go get another one.
  9. I do like Rage, but this was not the intent of getting this pedal. I wanted to stretch my tonal capabilities, not imitate someone else. As far as the price goes, you really can't find anything in this range that can do all of the things this pedal can do. Sure, it is limited to what it can do. There is also no way to edit anything. A true blessing is having a built in tuner. I have been playing for 7 years, and this is a decent piece of equipment for the money. Especially for someone on a budget. I would definately recommend it to anyone who is looking for a change for the better, but definately try one out before you buy it. If someone stole it, I would probably cry for a while and then go get another one.
  10. Bottom Line - This guitar is built like a tank. Weighs like one too! If it were stolen I would find out who did it and beat them with it. Then I would go play a show with it. I'm sure I would do just fine. I have been playing for 6 years and this is the best guitar I own. I will definately buy Schecter from now on.
  11. lastdoctor

    Alvarez 5043

    I think that this is an excellent guitar. I would recommendto anyone looking for a good acoustic to buy this guitar. If you can't get this model, just get an Alvarez!!!
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