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  1. Wow, just checked out the PGS demo of the ODR-1. That thing sounds great! Why have I never heard about this before?
  2. I've got the most recent version; I bought it from here and it had the resistor mod to reduce the volume drop. I absolutely love it, so much better than the Nano and my favourite phaser.
  3. I haven't tried too many but I did like the G12T-75. I love what this groovy-looking speaker did to my Laney LC30: Really clear, neutral sound; great for pedals and lightweight too.
  4. I decided to do a little investigation of my own to prove whether gearmandude is actually Jack Black. I have come up with 5 reasons that suggest he is the popular actor, Jack Black: http://www.thedailyguitar.com/5-reasons-that-gearmanndude-is-actually-jack-black Is this enough proof that gearmandude is Jack Black? It
  5. i love autolux. so i sent the album to my friend and he just said it sounded like silversun pickups. That was my first thought too. That's by no means a bad thing in my book (plus they were around before the Pickups). I hope they play the UK.
  6. IMO, this one has Mike's best guitar work. Yes. But Morning View clinches it for me overall. I'm trying to explain why but I can't; it just has that definitive Incubus "feel" for me.
  7. Haha, yeah I remember that video. Cool stuff. Mike remains one of my favourite guitar players to this day and I love his use of effects. Really want to hear some new Incubus material sometime soon, although I didn't like any of the new tracks on Monuments and Melodies...
  8. Old thread but I'm sure the Timebender can do stuff like this.
  9. Got the news this morning. Consider me excited! Not that I'll be there of course, but it's a REAL live date!
  10. If the resistors are on the jacks' side of the bypass switch, then they are not reducing pops: http://www.muzique.com/news/pulldown-resistors/ If they are the pcb side, they will reduce pops and do not have any impact on the true bypass sound since they are out of the circuit when the switch is toggled to bypass regards, Jack I figured as much. This explains why Dunlop have removed them from the circuit of the latest revision. Seems like a mistake on their part in the first place.
  11. Taken from Dunlop's true bypass blog entry: The 535Q is almost true hardwire bypass. While the circuit is arranged for true hardwire bypass, there are very large resistors hanging off the input and output. These act to discharge any leakage from input and output capacitances, thus reducing the amount of
  12. how old/new is your pedal? i went looking at mine (circa '98? rev.c, 2x)9v batteries, copper shell) anyway... it has full size/discreet components, the main board is 3"x3", and the +20db vol & q are on the bottom. anyway, i was just curious as to what version your's is.... i'll post a photo of mine later... This version is older than mine: just some random shot I found on the internet. Both of the ones I modded were revision D2, circa 2003ish I guess. I presume that's roughly when they changed it to the 9V design.
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