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  1. 1956 Gibson Tube amp. Made in the USA 1x10 10W. Pretty good condition considering its age. Works perfectly and produces a nice warm vintage tone.
  2. Here is a link to a new one: http://astore.amazon.com/h0f83-20/detail/B0002IHGZW and here are some on Craigslist: http://www2.jaxed.com/cgi-bin/mash.cgi?cat=mus&itm=voodoo&loc=&fil=ground+control&ys=&ye=&ps=&pe=&pgs=50&submit=++++go++++
  3. $1000 Shipped & PP with Road Case, Power Conditioner, Patchbay and an extra set of matched tubes.
  4. I am looking to trade a very good condition prs singlecut goldtopfor a Mesa mark v. Never gigged. Original prs hardcase and case candy included.
  5. ******** SOLD ***********' I have a VHT G-2502-S 2/50/2 Stereo Tube Amp that I am no longer using. Mint condition & like new. I have an extra set of matched tubes that I will include as well. I'd like $1000 shipped & PP'd with extras..... As far as trades go, I would like a Mesa Maverick, preferably a head & 2x12 cab set or a 2x12 combo, but may be interested in other tube combos as well.
  6. Good condition & works good. New 9V Battery $18 Shipped & PP'd
  7. I have a set of DDrum Midi Triggers. 4 tom/snare & 1 Bass. I also have a few other pulse triggers for cymbals or other drums. DDrum triggers were used once and are like new, the others were attached to cymbals and have a little duct tape residue on them. $85 shipped & PP'd
  8. I have a pick guard from a Schecter Tempest Blackjack, It has some pick marks and is missing the screws. Its from a blackjack tempest but should fit any tempest. $20 shipped & PP.
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