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  1. REDUCED AGAIN ...DOWN TO $575... you can't even buy an Epiphone and HSC for this price!!!
  2. SOLD SOLD CRAZY LOW PRICE!!!! This is a Gibson Les Paul Studio 60 Satin. This was bought at GC about two months ago. The neck on this thing is ridiculously awesome. It has the 60's slim taper neck coupled with the satin finish (no sticky neck here). This guitar is a great player. It is a great gigging guitar because you don;t have to worry about it getting dinged up or stolen. Great all around Les paul! Here is a ton of info on this model from the Gibson web site. http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Elec...60s-Satin.aspx This guitar is in great shape. There is one small ding on the front near the strap button. Hard to photograph. I am going to include a brand new Road Runner hard shell case with the sale. This guitar sells at GC for $919 (with a gig bag). I am pricing this thing to sell so that I can buy my wife a great birthday present. Her birthday is next week. NO TRADES/NEED CASH!! REDUCED TO $600 shipped/regular Paypal OR $575 shipped Paypal gift
  3. sold This thing lives up to the hype! From chimey, articulate cleans all the way to BRUTAL gain! This does it all! I need to pay off a Les Paul I just bought but I plan to own another one of these in the future. Great amp!!! Will ship on Monday in the original box with footswitch. ***NO TRADES, NEED CASH!! $850 shipped/paypalled!!!
  4. I agree....I already miss it! I'm hoping my new EVH 5150 mini will make me miss it less......
  5. NO LONGER FOR SALE!! This is a one week old Jet City JCA22H. Now that Xmas is over and I realize how many bills we have to pay I need to sell some stuff to pay them. This amp is in perfect condition and includes the footswitch. This amp rocks. Channel 1 is the "Crunch" channel and it has very good cleans up through JCM800 dirt. Channel 2 is the "Overdrive" channel and this channel is based on the Soldano SLO overdrive channel which has tons of gain on tap. It pains me to sell this thing but I am confident that I will buy another one in the spring/summer. Great amp! I am letting her go for a great price in order to generate a fast sale! $300 shipped using Paypal gift $310 shipped using regular Paypal. I have lots of transactions here at HC! Here are some horrible cell phone pics:
  6. Tons of interest but still here.........One guy said he would send payment to Paypal but that was 6 hours ago. Not sold until money hits paypal account!
  7. how about a rocker 30 combo? Not really into combos. I have too many speaker cabs laying around. If that R30 was a head we might be in business.
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