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  1. For the price of the Axe FX II, which is like $2000 last time I checked, I could build a REALLY powerful modern day gaming PC with like 4.0GHZ quad core and two 880 GTX 4gb video cards with 16gb of RAM and everything. I already own Guitar Rig 5 with the Rig Kontrol 3 usb pedal board. Is it really worth it to spend a thousand or so on a separate piece of hardware for guitar amp/effects modeling, or can I get the same raw hardware power, speed, and modeling software if I just build a new gaming PC and "acquire" the latest software like the newest Amplitube and Native Instruments packages? How about those $200 POD things that are about the size of a loop pedal? Right now I have an Asus gaming laptop from 2010, do I even need something more powerful to run these simulated amps, or is my hardware good enough for the latest stuff? Is it because the Axe FX isn't bottlenecked in terms of latency by not having to go from a usb device to the PC and back to the usb device to my headphones like I do with my Rig Kontrol 3? I just got an 8 string guitar with passive pickups (Agile septor 827) and I'm looking to see what my best options are, and which things are must-haves, and what some good and much cheaper alternatives are. I'm thinking maybe all I need is a good pair of studio monitors, but I'm wondering if I should follow what Animals As Leaders did and get some PA speakers, a subwoofer, and Axe FX II. I reallly really want a tight low end to come out, and I want it to sound like high quality shit. So I'm not sure if I can accomplish that with my current hardware and just get the big studio monitors and maybe a subwoofer, or PA speakers and sub, or Axe FX II and studio monitors..... or what.
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