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  1. I’ve been woodshedding a Tommy Emmanuel tune for the past couple weeks. I’ve got it down now, but it’s not polished up for performance yet.
  2. You Can't Always Get What You Want: Let It Bleed
  3. You know what really messes with the tuning on a 12-string? 12 STRINGS!
  4. Chopin op. 60/1 Barcarolle I don’t play a lot of classical stuff. Only a few tunes. And I only play steel string acoustic. Sometimes on a baritone. And I recently started learning electric bass.
  5. LS- very few moments. ZZ Top goes to the mountain top and delivers the goods every time. Here's the only Skynyrd tune I can listen to and actually enjoy: [video=youtube_share;y2HRrjpiM7Y]
  6. Fab Faux tours every year. They played Sgt Pepper live in its entirety last year. In past years they’ve done Rubber Soul and Abbey Road; every song; in order. This year they’re performing the white album beginning to end (again). No Beatle haircuts, boots or collarless jackets; just great studio musicians faithfully performing these iconic collections.
  7. I play solo guitar in a half dozen different tunings. I don't want to be re-tuning after every piece, so I generally play those in the setlist in that particular tuning before moving on to a different tuning. However, there are two pieces in different tunings (one in Open D; the other in Drop D) that I would never play back-to-back due to the similarities in tempo and key.
  8. Wait- So in addition to the 3 chords, you’re saying there’s more than one key?
  9. Live at the Fillmore ‘71 Eat a Peach ‘72 Brothers And Sisters ‘73
  10. I couldn’t get through it. I had to turn it off. It was the interviews; not the music.
  11. From Highway Companion in 2006. Turn This Car Around [video=youtube_share;Jx4OTjYYr0Q]https://youtu.be/Jx4OTjYYr0Q
  12. 15,000 Volt Relic Telecaster with electrical artwork burns on the body, Master built by Dennis Galuszka. A guitar from the depths of hell.
  13. And what is the RH in your room or in your home with this unit running?
  14. Thanks, Larry. I think the 7500 replaced to 7200. I'm a novice but I travel a lot and wanted something decent for wildlife photos. It came with a 70-300 lens. Now I have to learn how to use it.
  15. Great pictures, Phil. Really. But I think I’m having a flashback.
  16. Bill Collings died this past week and no mention of it on an acoustic guitar forum. I'll try not to draw any inference from that. I love my acoustic guitars, play them every day, but I'm not shopping, don't suffer from GAS, and if one of you guys likes your Elixir strings I'm totally OK with that. I don't know what the best capo is (so I have a couple of each). I haven't discovered a hot new player I'm excited to hear or see in concert for a long time now. Maybe I should take on a new project... Relic a PRS acoustic or something. If you have one you'd like me to do for you, I'll give you the customary 10% forum discount. Currently there's a 6 month waiting period on these from the date of receipt.
  17. Yes, the mono recordings were far better. Their stereo versions were simply awful. Surprised that they were even released; they were just that bad. I look forward to hearing the new mix.
  18. No, it's definitely not just you. I think they're the smartest thing in classic rock. But it's not just Hoddy, either. My girlfriend's grown son described Steely Dan as elevator music, too. That absolutely baffles and astounds me.
  19. Question for you, gubu. Do you play electric guitar? Drums?
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