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  1. I’ve been woodshedding a Tommy Emmanuel tune for the past couple weeks. I’ve got it down now, but it’s not polished up for performance yet.
  2. You Can't Always Get What You Want: Let It Bleed
  3. You know what really messes with the tuning on a 12-string? 12 STRINGS!
  4. Chopin op. 60/1 Barcarolle I don’t play a lot of classical stuff. Only a few tunes. And I only play steel string acoustic. Sometimes on a baritone. And I recently started learning electric bass.
  5. LS- very few moments. ZZ Top goes to the mountain top and delivers the goods every time. Here's the only Skynyrd tune I can listen to and actually enjoy: [video=youtube_share;y2HRrjpiM7Y]
  6. Fab Faux tours every year. They played Sgt Pepper live in its entirety last year. In past years they’ve done Rubber Soul and Abbey Road; every song; in order. This year they’re performing the white album beginning to end (again). No Beatle haircuts, boots or collarless jackets; just great studio musicians faithfully performing these iconic collections.
  7. I play solo guitar in a half dozen different tunings. I don't want to be re-tuning after every piece, so I generally play those in the setlist in that particular tuning before moving on to a different tuning. However, there are two pieces in different tunings (one in Open D; the other in Drop D) that I would never play back-to-back due to the similarities in tempo and key.
  8. Wait- So in addition to the 3 chords, you’re saying there’s more than one key?
  9. Live at the Fillmore ‘71 Eat a Peach ‘72 Brothers And Sisters ‘73
  10. I couldn’t get through it. I had to turn it off. It was the interviews; not the music.
  11. From Highway Companion in 2006. Turn This Car Around [video=youtube_share;Jx4OTjYYr0Q]https://youtu.be/Jx4OTjYYr0Q
  12. 15,000 Volt Relic Telecaster with electrical artwork burns on the body, Master built by Dennis Galuszka. A guitar from the depths of hell.
  13. And what is the RH in your room or in your home with this unit running?
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