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  1. This has got to be the steal of the century for an overdrive pedal, and a relative MUST HAVE if your funds are limited. But even a Tube Driver- the TRULY more desirable BLACK 3-band tone model over the newer much more popular tan colored 2-band model) can be had for under $100 these days, since everyone is foolishly clamoring for the Gilmore/Johnson endorsed tan one. I expect there are many tube driven OD pedals that sound great these days, but as a rule, they're not inexpensive. This one is RIDICULOUSLY cheap.. As I say, I preferred my Japanese made (Harmony won't let me put the name here!!) Twin over EVERYTHING out there- UNTIL I did a good A/B with my Tube Driver- and then it was instantaneously SO OBVIOUS and no contest, of a tube driven pedal over an all solid state pedal. The Tube Driver is a fantastic pedal because it goes from a perfect clean boost to a ranging high OD, with little noise and zero coloration. This very nearly matches that.NOTE: The Tube Driver really needs another pedal in front of it (anything will do) as a buffer- otherwise it's quite noisy. I'm not sure about this one in that regard, but it doesn't seem to be the case. This pedal is a close runner up to the Tube Driver, only because it doesn't go from ZERO clean OD to 10+, but comes very close. HOWEVER- And this is notable- The one REALLY REALLY interesting thing about this pedal- unlike the Tube Driver which needs 120 volts- is that the V999 it runs on 9VOLTS. Okay, so this is not the optimum voltage to push a vacuum tube, but you would not know it, using this pedal. And given that it will run on a 9 volt wall wart, here's the REALLY REALLY REALLY interesting part, and that is that given it only needs 9 volts is that you can run this pedal off of a 9 volt BATTERY. If you have the soldering know-how to connect one up inside- it is a VERY easy procedure as the 9 volt connections inside are VERY accessible. Just go to Radio Shack and get a couple (or even 3) 9 volt battery holders, hook them up in PARALLEL- NOT SERIES- so you get longer battery life and DON'T increase the voltage. You can solder to the 9 volt plug contact points on the bottom of the jack internally, and there you go. You COULD run it on one battery, but you wouldn't get as much battery life. If you don't believe me, test it with an external 9 volt plug hooked up to a 9 volt battery, and plug it into the jack. Amazingly it works and the tube will light up (gently given it's only running on 9 volts). Make sure and secure the battery holder(s) down so it doesn't flop around inside whatsoever. To change the battery you'll have to remove the bottom screws on the pedal, and there are 6 of them- so perhaps you will prefer to keep the bottom plate in place with two or four screws instead.Yes, the tube makes a HUGE difference in this pedal- so put in a good one.
  2. NOT RECOMMENDED UNLESS YOU REALLY NEED TO QUIET THE GUITAR AFTER YOU"VE TRIED SHIELDING IT. Live with some noise- keep plain single coils, and keep the sparkle Neil Slade http://www.BrainRadar.com http://www.BookOfWands.com http://www.EasyPaintYourCar.com http://www.InkJetHelper.com http://www.MyOwnPublishing.com http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/Painting.html
  3. PRICE IS FRIM at $239-- add $10 shipping priority mail with insurance anywhere USA--- The last one sold on ebay for $259 This is the warmest, smoothest, most versatile Lovepedal Eternity Overdrive ever made, and in the opinion of many who know- THE BEST Eternity made to date. Highly sought after, currently impossible to find anywhere, and out of stock everywhere. There is no news of any further anticipated production runs at this time, and is not available anywhere - new or used. Andy Summer's swears by Lovepedals and the Eternity Overdrive (Guitar Player Magazine). This is a new pedal in the box, no blemishes or marks, unused, ungigged, purchased for test and review only, kept in box, out of use, rubber feet included (optional). This exclusive version of the Eternity Overdrive is known as the KANJI 9 because of the addition of the two three way toggle switches that allow for 3 tone positions, and 3 clipping selections- together giving the user 9 combinations of variations not found in the standard Kanji or Eternity overdrives. Three knobs control Volume, Glass (high end), and Gain Left toggle controls Tone- Slightly Warm Boost, Through-Tone, and Warm Right toggle controls Clipping- Slight Clipping and Compression, No Clipping, and Moderate Clipping and Compression The pedal allows for a clean boost (w/ single coils, very slight overdrive with humbuckers), to screaming sustained overdrive with tons of beautiful harmonics, and is an OUTSTANDING pedal for any type of music. Allows the natural sound of your instrument to come through, unlike many other pedals, for a natural tube overdrive and crunch, or wind up full for a searing overdrive. Responds to your touch and guitar volume exactly like a tube amp. Please see this page for demo: Kanji 9 Demo Will retain its value over the years as a highly sought after guitar pedal. One of the best overdrive pedals I've ever come across in years and a pedal any player will come to LOVE. Actual pedal shown. Buy with confidence and contact me neil@neilslade.com for any questions regarding this pedal. Neil Slade Music neil@neilslade.com 100% ebay rated seller International reputation www.NeilSlade.com just Google me, Neil Slade- you'll get a million links.
  4. I have a Kanji 9 Eternity NEW in box-- you can see here: https://accounts.craigslist.org/post/shwpst?pii=1396996407&db=lv Go up one thread please for details neil@neilslade.com
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    Lovepedal Kanji

    Neil http://www.BrainRadar.com
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    Tanabe Zenkudo

    8) We could essentially create any sound on the Zendrive with the Dumkudo, with the exception of the slight absence of boosted mids. We didn't miss that, and in fact, preferred the transparency of the Dumkudo. We would rather dial in more mids with our amp if we wanted it. but the difference was very very slight in any case. The Zenkudo was not as high gain capable as the Zendrive (or Dumkudo), not by a huge amount, but noticeably so. At the slightly lower end of drive, it performed very admirably and as well as the others. But if one had to get only either the Zenkudo or Dumkudo- it's a no brainer- Dumkudo. The Zendrive could not make every sound the Dumkudo could make, nor to a lesser extent the Zenkudo, because of the lack of three-way clipping selector, nor the broader range of Tone and Voice found on the D/Z pedals. Again, not a huge amount, but certainly a fairly significant difference between the pedals. 9) The basic sound all three pedals made was essentially the same in regards to type of overdrive, tone, etc. 10) The price of the Dumkudo Zendudo pedals, individually or in the Twin configuration (either Zen-Zen, Dum-Zen, or Dum-Dum) is higher than the Zendrive. So, for more sounds and transparency, you pay a premium. Currently, the individual D/Z pedals run over $320 each, or $560 for the twin configuration. This may even change more as the dollar loses value agains the Yen. The Zendrives can be had for $200. None the less, I sold my Digitech RP1000 and my Lovepedal Kanji 9 to buy my Dum-Zen Twin. I am exceedingly happy with my purchase. Phil is happy with his $200 Zendrive. 11) Although the basic sound of all three pedals is the same, The D/Z pedals provide additional tonal variations that are a significant enough leap from the Zendrive so that anyone claiming it is a CLONE- is just not correct. The design may have been generated at some point from the original Zendrive formula, but it has evolved and added things, the components are different, so it is a distinctly different pedal- as a Lotus is from a Ford GT. ADDITIONAL NOTES: three are at unity with the Tone/Voice (Jali) fully clockwise. I.e., with the gain all the way down, and the Tone Voice all the way up, your guitar tone is unchanged THUS-- these knobs act as FILTERS as you turn them counter clockwise. They are disengaged as you fully turn them clockwise. Toshihiko may describe it differently than Hermida, but what we detected with all three, is that they all did exactly the same thing. Again- Tone is a high pass filter, engage to turn counter clockwise. Voice or Jali (Dumkudo label) is a Harmonics overtone filter, engage to turn counter clockwise. Yes, of course, they ARE interactive on all pedals. As you increase the amount of treble heard, this increases the high frequency harmonic overtones, and vice versa. People are free to disagree with us. We spent a lot of time on this, with both pedals right together at the same time. We are certain of our observations. As for the three way switch-- Toshihiko explained that this was only to change the clipping characteristics. This may possibly have an effect on tone- because as you clip a waveform, the auditory perception of a sound may change according to the amplitude of the wave, etc- but this is an indirect result that may or may not occur from the clipping characteristics, depending on other factors of the wave signal. The 3-way switch itself, and it's chosen position will not necessarily change the EQ of the wave, and it is certainly not the intention of the switch. From my listening- the Green Dumble position has more bass- because there is no compression involved in the wave clipping. The Zen position with symmetrical clipping will have the least bass, and the Red position with asymmetrical clipping will be in between the two- perhaps a more "mid" sound to it than the others. Neil There you have it. www.NeilSlade.com
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    Tanabe Zenkudo

    I've never been 100% happy with an overdrive pedal till now. This is the one. Will never ever sell. Pricey. Yes, no doubt. I've sold my Lovepedal Kanji 9 and Rp1000 to buy this. Smartest thing I ever did. Neil Slade Brain Books and Music www.NeilSlade.com www.BrainRadar.com www.EasyPaintYourCar.com
  8. Not cheap. Great pedal however. No doubt about it any more. Neil Slade http://www.BrainRadar.com http://www.EasyPaintYourCar.com http://www.InkJetHelper.com http://www.MyOwnPublishing.com http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/Painting.html
  9. Very good pedal. Stellar? No. Great? No. Not a Lovepedal. For $169 I expect GREAT. I bought the Barber to give it a chance, to see if I was missing something in versatility over the Kanji 9, which has one basic sound that you can get some nice variations with per the two 3 way toggles. Maybe the Barber has a few more tricks in it's bag with all the trim pots and such INSIDE-- but at the end of an hour -- it didn't matter. It's certainly not a turd-- maybe a good hot dog-- but "you can't polish a turd"-- if you know what I mean. My analogman modded TS9 does far less than the Barber- but what it does, i.e. TONE-- it does better. Do more with less. The Brain book and Music Store http://www.neilslade.com/order.html http://www.neilslade.com/cds.html Neil http://www.BrainRadar.com http://www.EasyPaintYourCar.com http://www.InkJetHelper.com http://www.MyOwnPublishing.com http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/Painting.html
  10. Well-- you want a LOTUS? A FERRARI? It's going to cost you a few bucks. But this is worth every penny. Nothing else comes close. Nothing. Once you mess with one of these, you will be spoiled forever. Why go halfway. Sell your child. Send your wife to a second job. Neil Slade The Book of Wands http://www.BrainRadar.com http://www.EasyPaintYourCar.com http://www.InkJetHelper.com http://www.MyOwnPublishing.com http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/Painting.html
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    Lovepedal Kanji

    Again, not a huge VALUE-- per cost, but it's a killer overdrive of the best quality. Nice that Proguitarshop allows returns. ONE NOTE: LOVEPEDAL PUTS NOTHING on the bottom of their pedals to protect the bottom surface-- ten seconds on any floor, and you'll scratch the hell out of it. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???? Put feet or a pad on the pedal the minute you get it and before you use it. But if you do scratch it- it can be fixed--- whew>>>>>> http://www.easypaintyourcar.com/CarPainting/kanji.html
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    Lovepedal Kanji

    Gosh-- this is little hard. The original Kanji can be had for $169 with shipping maybe a tad less on Ebay. The new Kanji 9 is a full $30 more at $200. Is the subtle differences worth the extra $30. Hmmmmmmmm Not sure. Maybe if money isn't an issue-- I have spotted some Lovepedals for $250+ on ebay and some places. That's just insane especially when you can get the Kanji 9 for $200 and the Original for $169. I traded my original Kanji for the Kanji 9 and expected more variation in tone than I really seem to get with the two toggles. A bit of a letdown for $30, although marginally its nice to mess with these. Don't know that I really gained that much variation. 9 DIFFERENT tones? That's really really stretching it. That being said, either Kanji is a great natural overdrive pedal that doesn't mess up your basic guitar tone as so medal pedals do. HOWEVER-- $200 is A LOT OF MONEY for a distortion pedal, and for half as much, you can get a REAL TUBE Tube works, throw a Jan Phillips 5751 in it, and have true versatility in tone- albeit, you have to plug it in. If I could only have one- a Kanji or a Real Tube-- no brainer- the Real Tube wins. I can afford both, so they are nice to stack-- I can leave one on mild break up overdrive, and the other in full throttle for smooth long sustain and use one or both together. I guess that's ideal-- but now you're talking a $300 investment. So- depends how geeky you are=-- and I must admit-- I am. Not a fantastic value-- but certainly a very nice pedal without question. The Brain book and Music Store http://www.neilslade.com/order.html http://www.neilslade.com/cds.html Neil http://www.BrainRadar.com http://www.EasyPaintYourCar.com http://www.InkJetHelper.com http://www.MyOwnPublishing.com http://www.neilslade.com/Papers/Painting.html
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    Lovepedal Kanji

    Well, I wouldn't say a fantastic VALUE- cause it's expensive, but it's none the less, quite fantastic sounding. Worth $185? Yeah. You can get the Real Tube cheaper, but you need to put in the JJ Electronics tube to get it to sound right.
  14. neilslade

    Lovepedal Kanji

    Expensive, but any decent pedal is. If you are looking for NIRVANA in a pedal-- this is good, but did not provide me with an orgasm as some would have you think. Neil http://www.BrainRadar.com
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