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  1. Randall Rb125b Combo amp, 125 watts rms @ 8 ohms into 1/15" eminence ( Randall Jaguar) speaker newly rebuilt sound s thunderous ! Controls are1nput 1 and 2( high and low as usual) volume treble , bass and middle also a parametric equalizer section from 40hz to 6 khz in five increments works VERY WELL! . selling due to size ( inn my little car this is a brute ) . This combo really puts it out! and has jacks for two more aux . speakers and an effects loop on back. weighs about 80 lbs . Kicks ass and takes numbers! will miss this alot will handle even large venues and beat your drummer to a pulp! Asking price is $175.00 Cheeeeeep! if I ship it's your expense . Amp is located in western ,New York ( Finger lakes area ). Pay by Paypal or USPS Money order Email me at NORAMACTIVE@GMAIL.COM
  2. Original Vintage 70's Plush P1000s All tube hand wired two channel amplifier with slave and multiplex options , two channels , in good working condition great for guitar or bass this thing is BADASS! you will probably never have the chance to purchase an all tube monster like this again .Pictures sent on serious inquiry send email addy and name and address or I will not respond . Possible trade for bass equipment. This is rare as hen's teeth and will not last , don't dawdle! "fortune favors the Bold" Can be researched at this website http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar+Amp/product/Plush+FX+Pedals/P1000S/10/1 asking $400.00 or nearest offer+ actual shipping costs if applicable Jack Noramactive@gmail.com
  3. will trade this pristine Rg80 for for 200watts rms/ 8 ohm bass head or better if you don't know what this is google it! Jack ( Noramactive@gmail.com)
  5. Just inherited this amp , really nice ! Spartan as one would say but it's got Great Tone!! it is probably the best little amp ( 60 lbs.) I've ever had! it's got 60 watts pumped into a Fender designed 12" speaker . The controls left to right are Vol, Bass,middle, treble, compressor and master ,,on-off switch , Anyway I 'm sooooooo loaded with equipment I'm offering this to you guy's for $150 + actual shipping by DHL any body interested email me for info and pictures ( she sure is pretty !) noramactive@gmail.com
  6. I have an EXTREMELY HOT! American peavey predator for sale if is presently in this config H,S,H with pickups repectively as Gfs Rail humbucker 16.9 k , Peavey single coil 10k , Gfs Rail12k, as always really slik fast maple on maple neck the rest of the guitar as stock , 4 springs on vibrato unit keep it in tune , small chunk off damage omn bottom of lower treble side bout , not dyin ' to sell this but I could use the dough for other projects . I'll take $200 + shipping ( cheeeep DHL) no case heres a pix Email me at NORAMACTIVE@GMAIL.COM
  7. Selling one or the other , First is a Peavey Milestone International. Black /White pick guard, Double Pick up ( Jazz bass config. 2 Single coil), Maple/Rosewood neck, Volume ,volume , tone, 34" scale , as pictured 185.00 + actual DHL shipping Second Bass is an Epiphone EBO model , Black shiny with one small chip on headstock by E string , "30 scale . Single huge neck Hum bucker , volume , tone , Great 3 point bridge, will add pix later or send them to you direct $150.00 + actual DHL shipping Both well set up and good playing basses:thu: Please email me at NORAMACTIVE@gmail.com
  8. OK ! $175.00 + actual shipping , and then off to FLEABAY:cry: Email me if interested
  9. Pictures added for sale of Basss , Sorry for overlooking to add them!
  10. Not one but six separate ads selling Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Who knew Massachusetts was such a hot bed of Nigerian Dwarf Goat trafficking. http://worcester.craigslist.org/grd/823710734.html http://boston.craigslist.org/sob/grd/820780277.html http://boston.craigslist.org/sob/grd/819698698.html http://worcester.craigslist.org/grd/825357307.html http://worcester.craigslist.org/grd/825357307.html http://worcester.craigslist.org/bar/822618752.html WOW! surrounded by fresh pepper ,onion & mushroom and veal those would be TASTY! on a spit!
  11. I have a " as new " Black Ibanez 305DX 5 string Bass for sale Active pick ups straight fast neck New Roto Sounds All is "GREAT" 250.00 + DHL shipping ( CHEAP) Email me Price Drop to $200 + actual shipping
  12. Got two , one in rosewood , one in maple
  13. Looking for an Ibanez Road Star I or II maple fingerboard in S/S/S config. may consider one with H/S/S config . No I'm not a "neophyte " and I' m willing to pay a reasonable price for it . Not an inflated tag because I 'm looking Email me with Pix
  14. here are some pics... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v57/peedenmark7/MVC-099S.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v57/peedenmark7/MVC-101S.jpg Now I know why they sold them to "employees"
  15. off to ebay Good! I'm sure someone will jump on then! :poke: :
  16. Little expensive for a Fernandez? Really!:poke:
  17. Hey guys, I'm selling my Jackson DKMG awesome shredder guitar. It's black on black with a sick reverse headstock, nothing girly about this one. It has Dimarzio Evolution 2 pickups in the neck and bridge (the neck and bridge versions respectively). Plays like a dream, also has an EMG Afterburner! This makes your pickups seem active even though they're not. It's a pretty neat feature although I don't use it a lot. It was professionally set up a few months ago and there are no problems to speak of, I am just thinning out the herd. Here is a link to some more pics PICS If you have any more questions just ask. I am located in Langhorne, PA and would be looking to get $500 + shipping for this guitar. I've only had it about a year. I will listen to any reasonable offers so let me know!! Ryan IF you quote a price people will begin to know whether they're in or out :poke:
  18. :thu:any body wanna contribute to an ANAL CREAM fund for him? Oh boy their gonna love him in the can ! ) pun intended! )
  19. Ill go first...15 years ago i couldnt get through a Neil Young song, i had dismissed his work as if it were a used Trojan thinking that his songs were for people that live in the mountains and smoke pot all day. As i got older i came to aprreciate and really like his music. Another one is Rod Stewarts vocals...i used to hate him but over the years his rasp grew on me and now i know hes {censored}ing PIMP especially with the FAces. AMEN!
  20. Is tom gettin his guitars reliced now:facepalm: Don't know , BUT,...........it would be great if he learned to play'em
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