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    I own so many pieces of gear. This was a decent price and thought it would be a nice addition. I'm realizing I made a mistake. I recently heard the Yamaha Motif ES and the difference in quality is like night and day. I'm afraid if I keep this it will gather dust and hardly be touched. I'll probably sell this and add other gear which I'll actually use. I'd urge others to listen to the Motif ES and compare both units. The specs and sounds make the ES a much stronger board to own and probably a better investment down the road.
  2. Check out the DGX Yahoo Group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/YamahaDGX/ I would replace this in a heartbeat. I love this mahcine for what it is. I didn't need a workstation and in my opinion this was the best value and bang for your buck out there. The instrument sounds are great. The guitar sounds are ok but I have yet to hear a keybaord with great guitar sounds. I also considered a Roland XP 30, Yamaha PSR 740, Korg i30 about 10 others that didn't make the final cut and some crappy casio thing because it was cheap. In the End this was the best way to go!!
  3. I would definately buy this again if I lost it. I actually downsized having owned many workstations in the past. Although this is not a pro keyboard it is still an amazing keyboard for the price. I would recommend this keyboard to anyone not looking specifically for a pro keyboard. Anyone looking for a great keyboard on a budget, you should strongly consider this
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