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  1. No prob! You've always been one of the few people on these forums that have had a good balance of new and old; boutique flash versus thrift store trash. Alot of those cheap pedals have really cool, unique sounds. Another thing that I should state is that in regard to why some people leave, in general, my interest in the internet has waned. Which is weird, believe me, because I used to spend hours a day on it up until a few years ago. I've even deleted my Facebook....no real big fallout or anything, just pretty much lost interest in it. Gearslutz, band forums, messageboards.....i've pretty much lost interest in almost all of that. I think that one just kinda gets to a point where they ask themselves what their time is worth and what they're getting out of it. I've seen more and more places online just sort of dry up or go through the death throes....forums and messageboards usually seem to get propped up by trolls and people that are bored, and the people of quality just tire of it and find more constructive things to do with their time. The funny thing is that once the trolls drive off the good people, it's just trolls trolling each other and it stops becoming fun for them, because they're all playing the same game....i've seen that happen at other places. Most of the places that I used to post at have seen less traffic, and/ or have mutated into other things.
  2. I love Firebirds. I've got a red three pickup '63 Epi reissue and it definetely has it's own sound with the mini-buckers.
  3. Yeah, you get transformer saturation when it's slammed but what they've done here with using a 16 ohm load with a transformer ratio that's looking for an 8 ohm load (with the EL84) is cut the output in half. That effectively cuts the headroom in half with it. It looks like they were looking for an amp that someone could get cranked tones at bedroom volume levels would be my guess? Good point--that's a bigger load for that amp, with the 16 ohm speaker. Not really sure why they wouldn't match the cab and amp ohms to each other, but yeah, Vox is probably going for cranked, overdriven amp with it. The 12AU7 is not a very good sounding preamp tube. It's design was to be a current amplifier vs. a voltage amplifier (like say for instance a 12AX7) or what's referred to as a transconductance amplifier. I'd swapped out some 12AX7's for 12AU7's and didn't like them--I thought that they were way too low gain, in that the amp wasn't doing what it was supposed to be. Had no idea that the 12AU7 was a current amplifier--thanks for the info!
  4. This is very Seinfeld--George Costanza: "....classic horseshoe pattern..."
  5. I might try a 12AY7 in there. It has half the gain of a 12AX7. Another tube to check out would be a 5751 at about 2/3 the gain of an X7. Honestly you're only going to see marginal differences with a tube swap. If you want more clean headroom find an efficient speaker to throw into that cab or plug the head into a larger cab loaded with efficient speakers. . Yeah--a lower gain tube won't give you more clean headroom.....it will give you less gain, but that also sends less breakup to the power tubes and speakers, and you may really desire that power tube breakup and speaker breakup. Swapping out tubes is a bit like having a master volume for your preamp section...you can send less juice to the preamp, but if you still want something that's loud and fairly clean, a bigger transformer (UL types keep amps' breakup to a minimum) or speaker is needed. On amps without a master volume knob, swapping preamp tubes becomes your master gain knob by default.....you're reducing your amp's overall output, but not necessarily giving you more clean headroom, seeing as that you may have to reduce the tube's gain by so much that you're inherently reducing so much of your end master volume. It's much more cost effective, usually, to just upgrade to a bigger speaker. You just want something that farts out less at the top range of your amp's volume knob. If you can plug a cab with a 12" speaker or more into the amp (like in the Fender Champ 600), you'll get way less speaker breakup, which may be the reason why your amp is farting out. On my low watt amps, it's the bass signals that really make those amps' speakers crazy.....not the amp tubes, themselves--there's only a marginal difference in breakup between tube changes, usually, whereas there's definetely huge changes when you send the amp to a bigger speaker. You won't know if it's your tubes breaking up way too early until you plug a bigger speaker/ cab into the amp. Edit: i'm assuming that you have the V112TV cab? That's a 12" speaker. What's the wattage rating? Your breakup issues may otherwise lie in the transformers, not the speaker/ cab as i'd thought.
  6. It's almost never mentioned, but the Wharton Tiers Ensemble's album "Twilight of the Computer Age" is really good.....sort of math rock at times, but some cool riffs and things on there, with multiple guitarists--Wharton had recorded/ produced alot of good albums (Quicksand, Helmet) and alot of cool indie albums in the 90's. On a more modern level, Earth's albums are always great (provided that you like lots of repetition and samey-ness). The last three are probably my favorites by them.
  7. I'd installed one on my NYC Big Muff--bias knobs I like on all my fuzzes (when possible as a stock option, but sometimes adding one), since some fuzzes are too smooth sounding and sometimes need that ripping velcro attack. I like the dying battery sound, but not an extremely lo-fi and nearly bottomless sound.....fuzzes, to me, when extremely underbiased, will lose their low end and sustain almost completely, leaving just a static-y AM radio type sound, which usually have no meat in a band mix. I usually like fuzzes biased when they've noticeably affected the attack of the signal just on the edge of total chaos, but not dialed in enough to gate and squelch the sustain. So yeah, for me, it's usually about changing the attack of the signal moreso, with the overall signal scuzzed up enough to customize it.....i've found some fuzzes to really shine and be that much more customizable in their sound with a bias knob. Not really a fan of biasing on overdrives, though.....something like the EHX Germanium OD doesn't sound so great when it's really underbiased, because it just chops off the sustain.
  8. Heh, yeah, i'm sure that (regarding "what is the Doom Room?" question) that there's a fair bit of people wondering what the deal is, since you'd probably often have to go back a few pages to really figure out that the consensus is that it's of heavy, fuzzy rock.....though one could probably discern that from an educated guess based on a few posts. For the still perplexed--beards are in vogue, volume and loud amps are king, and hygiene can sometimes be optional.
  9. Garnet amps and the Herzog are really good. I've always maintained that they'd suffered for years because of the crappy stock Marsland speakers. The Herzog is like a pre-pre-amp in that it's not meant to amplify, it's meant to be sent into an amplifier. It probably takes one of the world's most dedicated fuzzy overdrive users, but there's a really wooly out of control tone that it gets that isn't exactly like a fuzz, but like a really really crazy overdrive.
  10. That's certainly up there as far as atrocities go--you've got the AutoTune, the inevitable pedo-creep friendly package, and it's extolling the merits of worshipping God and going to church....with faux badass rappers extolling the same merits.
  11. That was one of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes. Bubbles reasoning for the name--"looks like you have a moustache" was hilarious.
  12. "Love blinds but reality is an unforgiving whore.... We live for love, but we die against inherent bore..." Always thought that was a great lyric.
  13. I'd like to say later, but knowing girls, the bet is probably on sooner.....
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