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  1. I'd like to like it better, but I just don't. I wanted an auto-wah effect for bluesy solos, and I just can't use it because of the volume problem. I still mess with it for fun, but It's not what I bought it for.
  2. So far I really like it. It'll see use at home, but I don't know if I can fit it into my jamming rig because my "beater" amp doesn't seem to like it. I think it has a really nice clear and smooth sound when used for the right style. It sounds balanced and has a great range of gain control. It also seems well built, looks good, and doesn't try to pretend it has to have it's own power supply to work right. (It does come with it's own adapter though. Thanks BBE, and wake up Boss and others!! Stop being so damn cheap and give us the adapter!) I can really see how it's probably not for ev
  3. I've Owned my 944 since 1986. I can give you the whole rundown on it. It was one of the first "multi effects processors" but it pre-dates the trend toward preset based equipment. It was a mix of mostly analog and some digital effects. It had Distortion, Chorus/Flanger, Delay, and a parametric EQ. The interface is basically a set of knobs for each effect, just like the pedals might have. Mine came with the pedalboard to turn each effect on or off independantly. You could also trigger an "infinite delay" to jam along to, although with a max of 900ms of delay to loop, it was pretty limited
  4. halofour

    Pearce G1 112 Combo

    I love my G1. After I bought it I was satisfied. Period. I didn't look for another amp for 18 years, and the only reason I did was to have a more portable practice amp. (I bought a micro-cube) This amp gives me the best sounds I've ever heard, regardless of the style I'm looking for. I have no intention of ever getting rid of it. I've been playing for almost 25 years. I've been using the G1 for 20 of those years and its never disappointed me. If it were lost or stolen I'd be pretty depressed. They're hard to find and expensive to replace. I bought it as an 18 year old kid living at
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