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  1. Makes sense man. Thank you for the helpful & insightful responses, this place benefits greatly from guys like you. The stock values were 50 ohm, 5 watt 10% They only carry 56 & 47 ohm versions of 5w 10% So, I went ahead & had them order the 56 ohms. Should be in tomorrow, I don't see why they shouldn't work well.
  2. I think a slight purple haze under load is normal, since the 5150, Mesa dual rectifier, peavey ultra plus, and this peavey xxx have all done it. I paid 400 for the amp. I also have or "had" an egnator armageddon that arrived last week. And a randall satan on the way this week. Didn't like something about the egnater voicing. Literally returned it after 2 days & ordered the satan. I highly doubt those 2 resistors messed the amp up permanently, but if they did, I'd sell the amp before wasting money taking this **************** to a "tech". Lol. I'm happy with my electronic work & I've fixed many amps for others as well. Not saying Im a trained pcb tech but im perfectly capable of doing repairs, thanks for the tech reccomendations, but no thank you for trying to be ****************************s about it. Ive never needed one in 20 years of playing & repairing, probably dont need one now. I gambled a bit with the 2 resistors simply because that's what I had at my disposal, I just don't see them ruining the amp. But I'll surely let you techsnob mind frame people know how it turns out so you can say how you were right, or I can say I did fine on my own... either way it's all in fun & games. I love working on my own stuff, always will. I picked up the stock values today & will be putting those in the amp after I get done welding what I need to at my job tonight. Thanks for the input, and no thanks for the overly asinine responses. Although I appreciate both. Thanks again everyone.
  3. Thanks for your opinions. And yeah, science is great. Experimentz. Yayyyyy.
  4. Indeed, great information. I figured somehow those resistors might have been the cause but didn't understand how. So I have to say thank you for your informed analysis! So to the issue of the stock values being burned from the heat, & yes the underside of the circuit board beneath those two burned resistors was slightly browned as well when I removed them. Is there anything I can do to prevent that from happening again? A different value perhaps, that will still allow it to function properly, or just put the stock values back there again & hope it doesn't happen again?
  5. Okay, long story short... I bought matched kt77s, & a few different preamp tubes. I've tested them again after this incident, all tested GOOD. I noticed after I bought the amp & installed tubes one power tube stopped being under load. (No slight purple glow) A few weeks later I noticed another tube beside it did the same. Now I've been in alot of amps, I do it safely, test with meter before starting. Handy with soldering iron etc etc, for years. No worries. So I took the amp apart to upgrade the 4 screen grids. (even tho they looked fine) Changed them all to 5w-1k 5% Noticed while inspecting that the 2 resistors were burned on the R86 & R82. See pics. So I don't know why but I slapped 2 more of the 5w-1k in their place, not sure why I did that. But I did. Also went ahead & did the c3 mod to a .0022 nf Put it all back together, double checked all connections, fuses, plugs. Powered it up. Tubes light up, seems good. No channel lights though, flipped the standby, nothing. Tubes glowing like they are under load, but still no channel lights, no sound. What did I fluck up exactly? Feel like it was the 2 burned resistors that I replaced with the ones I put in there... if thats the case what needs to go there? Stock values? And why were they burned? ....not sure so thought I would ask the folks here. All fuses still good after this btw. Have the amp apart again awaiting responses. Thank you! Ps-randall satan will be here in 2 days. I'm stoked.
  6. Yes, I've been inside all my amps. I'm a welder as a dayjob so I work with some high voltage stuff. But as a hobby I'm a huge DIY'er & started soldering on boards at a young age because my grandfather was a tube tv repairman. Anyway I have measured 500 volts inside of the last 5150 I owned when I bias modded it. I seem to have to tear down everything I have & mod it somehow. So I know my way around with a meter & a soldering iron I'll say I'm comfortable & capable of doing what needs to be done, once I know what actually NEEDS to be done. So that is basically why I am here, because theres usually a good bit of specific knowledge to be shared around here on a good day. I've never ran into this problem before, the closest was when an old 5150 didnt even light up on standby, so I replaced the screen grids & fixed it. Never had this particular problem, so I don't know exactly what to look for...
  7. I found my bias probe. Hooked it up, I read 38mA on every tube, except the suspicious tube which reads 0mA Okay, so what do I need to do... I figure I might as well remove the chassis from the shell at this point. Pretty obvious that tube isnt getting voltage, ideas?
  8. Well if it means anything, the 3 that were functioning uniformly were hotter to the touch than the left one that doesnt. It was the same as if it were never flipped off of standby.... And the amp sounds good, but then again maybe it can sound much better if this is in fact an issue...
  9. Well, every tube amp I've had... every power amp tube had a slight purple haze under load. I checked the tubes with a tube tester & all were fine. I am currently searching for my bias probe, its been lost for a while now though.
  10. Okay so I just put a 4x12 together with a couple of v12's & a couple of swamp thangs. My xxx has matched tubestore kt77's & some select preamp tubes. I noticed tonight when I was playing in dimmer lighting that the left power tube stayed lit like it was in standby while the other 3 to the right had that nice glow during normal operation. I switched tubes around, & the tubes are good, it only happens in that position.... What is going on? I'm pretty good with the technical repairs I've done it for years as a hobby, but I dunno what this might be. Anyone have any sugessteeeowns??
  11. trade for a triple rectifier? Too bad the 1x12 isnt mine or you would have had yourself a deal.
  12. They have any style you want. For the shredders. For the rappers. For the shrappers. And 120 bux new! Thats a good price on a grillz yo.
  13. seriously. Where the grillz at The last one was a joke. But really.. www.grillplanet.com Goodluck they should have something to fit your needs and the prices arent all that bad either.
  14. i got some expanded metal from a local metal shop. i even had it bent to fit the baffle of my 1960A cab. cost me $30...that may be because the owner knows my dad, but there ya go. In that case. Shoulda been fa free my nig.
  15. I just know, The 4x12 ms i played with the sheffields, And the metal grill, Sounded fucking great through my 5150, And an ultra plus. Better through the 5150 to be honest, It was better sounding than the xxl cab, but less better than the 5150 cab. All those come 2nd to my current jcm900 cab.
  16. Peavey cabs don't necessarily suck, the speakers they load them with just blow. Cmon mang. Shut the hell up with those shinanagins.
  17. put a wet paper towel up to your ass and fart. sounds just like chugging a low E through sheffields Yep it was blown.
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