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  1. I has only this one. But now that I know the secret
  2. I always was under the impression that Knopfler used an actual '58 and '59 burst live and in studio. At least that what it was listed as in an article I saw of his guitars in the studio for Kill to get Crimson. Oh sure, but that's current. He seems to like those plain-top 58s and 59s. Didn't have those in the 80s. Whenever I've looked into what he was playing during those Brothers in Arms, Money For Nothing sessions, I keep turning up that flamed cherry '84 pre-Historic reissue. http://ds.mk-guitar.com/knopfler-les-paul.htm Shaw pickups, huh. I'm reading "collectible" as "expensive."
  3. I found this article a while ago. I'm interested in what pickups came in these pre-Historic reissues, before the Bill Lawrence change, as I think Mark Knopfler got some of my favorite tones (such as Brothers in Arms) from just such a beast; an 84 or 85 if memory serves. I still don't know what pickups they came with. Which is the first hurdle, quite separate from the leap of faith that MK didn't change his out for something else.
  4. See sig. I've been warned off using anything that creates a finish (including gunstock oil and boiled linseed oil.)
  5. Current mistressgirlfriendwife. She bears a striking resemblance to a leading Hollywood lady. I wouldn't swear to it, but I think it's Carla from Cheers.
  6. You keep saying you don't care what people think, yet you're posting essays on why you're not a loser. Stop digging that hole! I see lots of guys wearing stuff I wouldn't choose for myself. I don't tell them their wife is going to cheat on them, jeez. Apologize and move on? No one is posting pics now.
  7. She looks like this chick named l_9ead0c310e01b3210bd504c4f5332c7f that I totally
  8. I would try a mint green guard (which obviously is hardly green at all, just sort of sun discolored white) and if I were rejuvenating any Strat I'd like to use those stainless steel kits Callaham makes, which have stainless saddles, screws, springs, everything. I'd also have a look at it with the position of the tone control and the coil tap switch swapped over. The two knobs right next to each other looks a little off balance to me, but presumably you're really used to that after 15 years. Sonically probably a 59 bridge with a couple of Rio's new single-sized rail humbuckers. Actually personally I'd omit a middle pickup route altogether when ordering the new guard, but I realize this would perhaps look a bit metal for you. BTW I took all the paint off a Musicman Silhouette with a Black & Decker paint stripper and it came off very easily/quickly, leaving the sealer behind. I was 19 and stupid. Luckily it wasn't made from seven pieces of wood and didn't have any ugly pockets of filler, but I wouldn't be so certain about a sort-of Mexican Strat. Just a note of caution if you really want to strip it back to the natural finish.
  9. That's my Worms team, and they pwn your Worms team. (We never let Mark hold a gun.)
  10. alrighty this was supposed to get posted in another thread but the comp was bein lame Wait, there's a thread of forumers posting girlfriend n00dz with guitars? I think we should be told.
  11. You have skilled hands and funny hair. Stardom is inevitable.
  12. Hola. Never seems much info on this. When I originally looked into wiring a 2x12, I came away with the impression that people basically thought they sounded the same whether the speakers were wired in series or parallel, and so I wired up in parallel, which seemed to be the norm, and forgot about it. Having learned a little since then about parallel and series generally (for example with humbucking pickups) I started to realize it was unlikely both types of wiring would sound the same in a guitar cab. So I dug a little deeper and came up with some interesting info. Take a look at an excerpt from The Guitar Amp Handbook: I also ran into a post from 'pgissi' on TGP who seems to have tried both: "Series wiring- mid/upper mid and high end emphasis generally, smoother high freqs generally due to damped top end highs in the 5 to 6k range, less fizz. Additional tonal changes are slightly spongier attack and altered OD character, more complex and timbrally rich with more overtones ala the mid and top end emphasis. Parallel wiring- low end and lower mid emphasis with more top end high sparkle or fizz, depending on the speaker and rig that can make the high end raspy or harsh to some. Low end is emphasized due to increased damping between 2 12" speakers in parallel, generallly tighter and more thump." pgissi's full TGP post, more info. The consensus seems to be that series is looser and warmer, while parallel is tighter and zingier, so I rewired my cab to series as the Competition is tight, bright and bassy. I think it's true -- going through both voice coils seems to soften the top end, bring the hi-fi ceiling down a bit, cut out some fizz, and the longer circuit might make it looser, too. I'm certainly finding it easy to play. Without being able to switch between series/parallel quickly, comparison is a little imprecise. I don't feel like I managed to roll off any bass (I always have too much) which is meant to happen, but the other characteristics are there. It might be psychosomatic but I even think it sounds different depending which speaker I put first in the circuit -- someone cleverer than me will know if this is possible or not. But yeah, just wanted to share the info. Figured if I didn't know the difference between the two, some others might not either. One isn't better than the other, but it can't hurt to have the knowledge if you're trying to take your tone in either direction, albeit subtly.
  13. Definitely the second. They just sound bigger, more expanded. On a side note, I'm amazed people get useable recordings micing right in the center of the cone, but they often do. Every speaker I've mic'ed has sounded nasal and harsh when miced in the center, I always end up with the mic sitting right at the very edge of the cone. Maybe my mic is funny.
  14. I share it with you This was great. The tone reminded me of this from years ago:
  15. How have they not been sued by Lauren Weisberger, and then by Prada?
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