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  1. Bought it used a while ago, has served me well since. Comes with three modules, recto plexi and blackface. Also comes with the 3 button footswitch. Does need new tubes but they're easily changed. It's in good condition and the tolex does not have any tears. Looking for around $800-900. PM me if interested.
  2. Just distributed, not made by, get your facts straight k? k good. Lol you really pst more than you play. You're an idiot.
  3. Just to clear up the "affiliation" with Behringer, I don't know who has done research on this,but to let you know..... Behringer is Bugera's North American distribution company, thats it, the amp's are only distributed through behringer the parts, assembly, design has nothing , nill noda to do with behringer. Just a shame they couldn't get a better company to distribute for them. Today I traded my Line 6 Flextone 2 stack straight across for a 6260 combo, and I must say I am impressed with the tone out of the amp. Good clean, great crunch, good lead channel. As far as durability I can't say anything yet ,but if anything happens I'll definitely post. You know the company that owns Behringer, owns Bugera. Yes, affiliation much?
  4. Gnt1856

    HCAF gamer clan

    I still see you on messenger all the time. What's the new one? mo0seee (that's with a zero.) Dirt 2 looks sick as well. Are those actual screenshots or what?
  5. Gnt1856

    HCAF gamer clan

    Lucius, I own forza 2. You guys didn't add my new gamertag. :cry:
  6. Gnt1856

    HCAF gamer clan

    Got a new gamertag: mo0seee I'll be on live for a month.
  7. Good luck man. With the millions of world wide applicants and only one spot available I don't like your odds.
  8. Maybe you should cut back on caffeine and do this every morning before work.
  9. Something like this would be stickied on UG, but not here.
  10. Wat? Canada iz biggest exporter. Canada supplies 23% of world's uranium, australia only 21%. Followed by... kazakhstan? HAHAHAHAH http://www.world-nuclear.org/info/default.aspx?id=430& there ya go. Other than that, you have a point. But i'm sure you realize that your economics is going over fundamental concepts, and that its nearly impossible to cause a brick wall effect between the US and china. Like, where will all of the religious walmart shoppers get their {censored} from if it isnt from china? You know? Sorry. Australia does have a large uranium export though.
  11. i agree with what you're saying, but i don't think anyone says "buy domestic and don't export anything". part of the problem with our economy is that we have a SERIOUS trade deficit. if we don't get on the other side of that, we'll be a second world country. of course, the tremendous reduction of our population in 20-40 years is gonna do us in anyway, so the trade deficit is a minor issue. I think in one of Obama's speeches he stated that American's should only (or mainly) buy American products, Which is where the brick wall affect comes into place. Australia has the biggest export of Uranium, Natural Gas, Wool, Coal, and etc.. China buys the Natural gas for 5cents a litre, but they buy it in loads of 100 million dollars. We're all {censored}ing doomed if we decide to stop taking imports from other places.
  12. THEY DO LOOK LIKE TELEVISIONS! holy pewp. but no, it was more like this: http://pro.corbis.com/images/42-17678918.jpg?size=572&uid={7FBFC586-3BDC-4BFF-831D-B6774D71A1E8} Those teletubbies do actually have televisions on their stomachs. I need to stop watching these things.
  13. ohh mannn crazy! i had a dream i was with thinkpad20 the other night, he looked like james hetfield though and we were dancing with televisions that had sprouted arms and legs. teletubbies?
  14. I know we all tell ourselves to buy American made (for you American's) or Australian made (for us Aussie's) or insert your country here made for you other people. But actions like this don't result in a positive economy. I know it's great to support your own country and to help it's economy, but the economy today has become a world economy. Buy American made products and stop imports from China and you've stopped exports as well. I'm not sure how many products or things like gas, coal, and oil you American's export to China; but here in Australia China is the leading buyer of our exports. So before you decide China isn't the way to go, think of the overall affect of your actions. Support America, yes; But support China on the side. P.S, this is something I learnt in my Business Management class today. By putting a brick wall between one country and your own you're not only stopping imports, but exports as well. Australia relies on these exports.
  15. I knew it would contain something about Voltaire been a guy.
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