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  1. Everybody replied to... except bgmartin001, I tried to write to you but your pm box is full. Cheers.
  2. uuuugh, Canada? Yeah, sorry. Shipping costs more and takes longer. I know. Thanks for the offers and pm's guys - Im gonna surf around and do some research on some of the trade offers and will get back to ya. Thanks again!
  3. Pedals for sale or trade within Canada and the CONUS: Fulltone Fulldrive 2 Mosfet in excellent condition with box and manual... I did remove the feet to put velcro on the bottom (I can remove the velcro and put the feet on if you prefer) - SOLD! Thanks, markxander Boss OD3 in VGC with box and manual - TRADED Boss CEB3 in VGC - $50 shipped/pp'd Danelectro Daddy O - VGC w/box - $45 shipped Laney GC50A - cool "hybrid" amp - one channel for acoustic, one channel for electric w/ footswitchable od and reverb. Both channels can be run simultaneously. 12" speaker, switchable tweeter (for when using acoustic), 50W. Can post pics later. - $200 *Local (Calgary area) sale only Up for trades +/- cash... reverbs, ods... try me and see. Can post pics later.
  4. Yeah, I use the D'addario 11-49 with a wound 3rd on my electric. I think I've been playing acoustic for so long, my hands are used to the heavier gauges (12-52 or 13-56 depending on the acoustic). So a plain steel 3rd on my electric feels way to flimsy for me.
  5. Yup - looking for a Boss AC3. I've can pay $$, but I've also got a Boss OD3 if you're interested in a trade. -southpaw pete
  6. Tech 21 Tri-AC w/ box- $110 shipped Boss OD3 w/ box - $65 shipped Danelectro Daddy O - $50 shipped Looking for trades (+/- cash where needed): Catalinbread DLS Barber Direct Drive (or SS or LTD) Sansamp Blonde Other trades... who knows? Throw me an offer
  7. as a sidenote, i removed all the foam pads and lined the bottom of the case with velcro - made it much easier re-arranging pedals and fitting non-Boss pedals. Yeah, me too. Worked like a charm. I've since outgrown it and am using a PT2, so my wife is now using the BCB60 - actually with no Boss pedals in it! She has 3 Danos, one Line 6 tonecore and a Sansamp in there. I love the little steel channel for routing the power cables etc. It's served me well, and is nice and durable. I've heard people saying that the latches are pretty flimsy, but I've not had any issues with them. And the included cables are decent too. And yeah, the Behringer seems to be a clone, but between the two, even with the extra cost, I'd still go with Boss.
  8. Hey guys, I've been playing through the Liverpool for a while now... and am still really enjoying it. I did have a Barber LTD, but wasn't completely happy with it into the Liverpool, so I traded it. Now, I also have the Sansamp California, and being much less middy than the Liverpool, I'm thinking the LTD would sound pretty sweet into the Cali for that edge of breakup with good clarity and just that touch of mids... Anyone else using an LTD into a California? Or should I go LTD-SR? Or...?
  9. I've got a Sansamp TriAC in great condition w/ box I am looking to trade for a Sansamp Character series pedal. Mostly looking for a British or Blonde, but willing to consider other offers. Trade value $115. Other gear for sale/trade: Boss BD2 - $55 Boss OD3 w/ box and manual - $60 Boss CEB3 bass chorus - $50 Boss CE5 (older analog version) - $50 Dano DaddyO - $45 Willing to consider trades, looking for: Pedaltrain PT2 Boutique ODs 6" Patch cables Etc... whatcha got? All pedals in good condition. I can post pics later. All prices shipped/paypal'd within Canada/US
  10. I've got a few Boss pedals I'm not using, thought I'd see what's out there to try out. Moreso looking for trades, but here's the prices too... Boss OD3 w/box and manual - $65 shipped Boss BD2 (velcro'd) - $55 shipped Boss CEB-3 bass chorus - $55 shipped All pedals are in great shape (maybe a few tiny nicks in the paint... can post pics later if you like). Mostly looking for overdrives... happy to combine toward something if need be.
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