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  1. I'm a lefty, but learned guitar by playing my brother's right handed guitars - except I just turned them over and played them lefty (though still strung right-handed). It stuck, so that's the way I've been playing for over 20 years. Really makes it a challenge to find guitars! Acoustic guitars aren't so bad, if they don't have a pre-installed pickup/preamp with the controls on the side. On my Guild I installed a Fishman pickup with the controls in the soundhole. Any cutaway or pickguard are pretty much useless for me though haha. As for my electric, I had been playing a righty turned over, but then a few years back bought a lefty Godin and switched out the nut and intonation to be strung right-handed. That way the cable comes out the bottom and the knobs are where they should be in relation to my strumming hand.
  2. Radial Plexitube FS/FT $160 shipped ConUS/Canada In good condition: cosmetically it has a few scuffs, but mechanically it works very well. Comes with power supply. Velcro on bottom. Can post pics later. Also willing to consider trades...
  3. Radial Tonebone pedals -Plexitube and Trimode - The effects loop is only engaged in the 2nd channel, which allows adding delay or whatever to your solos. -PZ Pre (has a boost footswitch which can also be set to engage the effects loop)
  4. I had one for a while. Like you mentioned, it is a great looking, sturdy looking pedal. But in my setup I felt the spring sounded too thin and the modern sounded too dark. A friend of mine has one though, and it sounds amazing and very natural in his rig.
  5. Radial Plexitube distortion - Great condition. Very cool and versatile tube distortion. http://tonebone.com/tb-plexitube.htm Comes with power supply. $200 shipped/ppd TRex Tonebug Distortion - like new condition. $60 shipped/ppd http://t-rex-effects.com/products/tonebug-distortion-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.aspx Keeley Ibanez Tubescreamer TS-9dx flexi 4X2 mod http://www.robertkeeley.com/products/ibanez/ts9dx-flexi-4x2-mod/ In excellent condition with velcro. Ummm... sorry, no longer available. Gonna keep it... unless you've got a pretty sweet trade offer. Also willing to consider trades +/- $$ as needed... whatcha got?
  6. replied... and multi-pedal deal added on Tonebugs...
  7. Yeah, the AC-3 was a pedal I really wanted to like. I bought one, didn't use it, sold it, a year later bought another... and sold it. I really like my acoustic tone (big beautiful jumbo Guild JF30), and don't expect to get that tone out of my electric and a pedal. Surprisingly, the tones of the pedal were not my big problem. Some of the emulated sounds were actually somewhat decent, and I liked the reverb as well. But I had two main issues with it: Hiss. The thing was just so noisy. All settings except the "piezo" setting. I think they were going for the "air" of a nice mic'd acoustic - but it really just sounded like hiss to me. They say it is best to run it through a full range amp like a PA or acoustic amp (though they have an output for plugging into your electric amp) - which makes sense, except that only amplifies the hiss more. And it seems like it clips really easily. for finger picking and light strumming it handles nicely, but if you strum more like an acoustic it clips and distorts. I like the idea of an acoustic simulator, and if there were a way to fix those issues, or if Boss creates a new version, I'd try it again. Some people manage fine with the AC-3, and you can give it a shot if you like. But these are my experiences with it.
  8. Fulltone Supa Trem. I've also had the Dano Tuna Melt, Boss TR2 and Diamond trem. Those are good as well, but the Supa Trem really gives me the nice organic chewy trem I was looking for.
  9. I love using my ebow. When performing or leading worship I am usually singing lead and playing more rhythm guitar, so I don't usually get to use it live. But I love using it in the studio, adding some movement and ambiance to the tracks.
  10. TRex Tonebug Overdrive: $60 TRex Tonebug Distortion: $60 Danelectro Daddy O: $40 Multi-pedal Tonebug deal: I would be willing to sell the Tonebugs together for $100 shipped. All prices shipped/paypal'd within Canada/ConUS All pedals are in excellent condition. No velcro. Really interested in trades too. Whatcha got?
  11. Yeah, I think they are digital, but not COSM. The current draw on the BC-2 is 45 mA, as opposed to their other analog overdrives (BD-2, OD-3) which run around 9mA. But I am pretty interested in both. Might need to swing by the guitar shop later and try them out.
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