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  1. ive been playing 9 years now, and gigging for the past three, just releasing my bands first EP. for 200 bucks it cant be beat.
  2. i am in a classic rock blues band, and i think this suits my needs of a multi effects box for stage use perfectly. i dont like tap dancing, so changing to another preset is an easy way of having a nice pedal board.
  3. i would definetley replace this thing. FAST. ive been playing 8 years and am in a rock band out of southern connecticut. i just installed this pickup today but i am so gonna play out with my les paul now. jeez. its like the perfect tone. i thought the 490t's and my gibson were good, but this thing is like ME! IN A PICKUP! FOR 25 BUCKS!!!!!
  4. I have yet to use it in a gig, but it may be hard to swittch to it fast and have it be in perfect tune
  5. Ive beeen playing for five years, been in two bands, and have recorded two CDs, my first entireley with this guitar. THIS IS A DECENT GUITAR. IF YOU ARE INA BUDGET and needa backup guitar, go out and buy it.
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