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  1. That was my decision... I've used ACID almost as long as you have, but now that I've got Reaper, I'm very satisfied.
  2. Everything should go where it sounds best. If you're like me, that means you'll move stuff around constantly depending on what you're after. For example, if you want pristine repeats, put your delay in the loop. If you want your repeats to blend with your overdrive more, put your delay in front of the amp. Also, keep in mind that keeping stuff in your fx loop is going to degrade your tone; I only use my fx loop if I'm after something very specific and when I'm done, I remove everything from my loop.
  3. Clean headroom? And guys, he said he doesn't need reverb. I'd go with Pro Jnr over Blues Jnr regardless. I played it through a 4x12 and it seemed like it would never break up... I had to keep upping the volume and upping the volume... Was playing a SSS Strat though... Probably different with buckers.
  4. If a pedal hurts my amp's tone, then I don't use it... As a result, I've got 6 Mad Professor pedals and a TC Flashback; they let my amps sound like my amps. In my experience, the trick is to only use pedals that feature an analog dry path... This lets your clean tone get to the amp without degradation even when the effect is on.
  5. pedals from your in-laws? coolest in-laws ever My wife takes very specific notes!
  6. So, I made out rather well for my 30th Birthday. My Wife got me this guitar and my in-laws got me another Mad Professor for my collection, the Little Green Wonder. I've only gotten to play with it a few times since they gave it to me, but it is clearly a cut above every other overdrive I've ever used... and that includes MP's own Sweet Honey Overdrive. The LGW leaves your tone intact and adds nice grit with tons of headroom... It works perfectly giving my other FX pedals a boost; it really makes my phaser and delay stand out. I have it after my SHO and the two sound great when run at the same time.
  7. e609 is an awesome mic... I've got two!
  8. I love simple amps... and it doesn't get much more simple than these two Orange amps. Having such easy to use amps has allowed me to expand my playing in other areas, such as working the knobs on my guitars and incorporating more fx. They Dual Terror is my favorite amp I
  9. I am really just getting into the pedal game. During high school, in the late nineties, the only pedals I used were an overdrive or distortion... That pretty much lasted up until 2-3 years ago when I started wanting more. I will say I still remember the day I got that DS-1 at the local ma & pa shop though, pretty special memory. That seems to be gone for me. These days I seem to get things in a mad rush and there isn't much of a wait between deciding I want something and getting it.
  10. My favorite pedal is the Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay. It's more of an atmospheric pedal than one that really nails the repeats, but I find I can incorporate it a lot more easily than I can other FX. It also sounds fantastic in front of an overdriven tube amp... which I can't say about any other delay I've ever used.
  11. I have 3 Eventide Stompboxes and think they're worth it; they'd be impossible to replace for less... especially if I was trying to replace them with pedals of equal quality.
  12. Buying and selling too much crap... If I had to pick one transaction that epitomized the problem, I'd say it was a Fender made Tele with a flamed maple top and dual humbuckers that I bought on ebay and sold within a month. Bought it on a whim; sold it with even less thought. I've whittled away my gear to only the things I love now... Going forward, it'll be really hard for me to buy or sell anything without thoroughly thinking it through... lesson learned.
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