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  1. I need a new amp. What can you recommend? I play Swedish epic melodic symphonic power death metal thrash grindcore, so the amp needs to be able to cover my style.
  2. I don't know why I even bother with this place anymore +3
  3. Scientific fact: at any given moment in time in any guitar store, there is always a 16 year old pimple-faced kid sitting in the corner banging out Metallica riffs on an obscenely expensive guitar he can't afford.
  4. the poster of this thread is a total nOOb :poke: So are you. At least I don't put on my anal-sex facial expression on stage to look tough and scary.
  5. No, seriously this guy's a {censored}-bag. You should've seen the dump he took all over the recording forum. I was just setting straight the ProTwells dumpy-home-bedroom-geeks.
  6. Just pretend you're taking a {censored}. yeah, that's how most metal bands look on stage. They always put on their anal-sex faces.
  7. so like...what type of facial expression should I use on stage to look really tough and scary???
  8. Please shut the {censored} up :poke: Only if you shut the {censored} up first.
  9. Yeah. Looks like you probably meant pantera in the title of this thread. Youll need some decent equipment to sound anything like metallica. Especially their live sound. What a {censored}nig n00b. so like...if I use Dean Markley strings on my guitar like Dirt Dammitt, does that mean I will sound exactly like him?
  10. so like... what horrible troll school did you go to in order to know how to suck that hard? so like...which pickups do I need on my $200 Strat clone to sound just like Dave Mustard???
  11. So like...which SOLID-STATE combo and which PEDAL do I need to sound exactly like Metallica??? -Gilbert Coleo (14 year old guitar player)
  12. Fantastic sound and only costs $9500 USD. 5 tubes per channel. 10 tubes in total. Fully symmetric design. Tubes per channel: 1 x 12AX7 LPS (double triode) 2 x 12AT7 (double triode) 4 x ECC 99 (double triode)
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