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  1. Hey everyone---back on here after a few year hiatus putting guitars down for a while. I've been playing again and still have my sig:x. Was going to pick up a Mark V, but that 25/10w mini mark got my attention. Not playing shows anymore, so I don't need the headroom. What's the consensus on it? Saw some videos and it seems wicked. Bummer the clean and crunch aren't foot switchable but that's nit-picking. Thanks, Michael
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]333316[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]333317[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]333318[/ATTACH] played this 4 whole times--don't know what prompted me to buy a bass but looking to trade it for an Edwards LP---ideally a white one. Bought the gator HSC for it too.
  3. Plyed this 4 whole times--don't know what prompted me to buy a bass but looking to trade it for an Edwards LP---ideally a white one. Bought the gator HSC for it too. [ATTACH=CONFIG]333313[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]333314[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]333315[/ATTACH]
  4. Is the G-string worth the extra $?
  5. that particular boogie has a thing called "simulclass" It runs 4 power tubes, 2 6L6GC in "class A/B" 2 EL34 tubes in "class A" it's basically like having a 15 watt class A amp and a 60 watt class A/B amp running together you get the compression, warmth and touch of grit of a "little amp" running all out and the solid power of a big amp to give it loads of volume/headroom... so no getting stomped on at jams... this amp cuts like a laser. what say yee? I say yay... The funny thing about 15W of boogie is that the fixed, cold bias still makes it difficult to get the power tubes to distort at tolerable volume levels. I do LOVE the pick attack and sensitivity of boogie triode, class-A. Just magical.
  6. hmmm, kinda tough cuz a lot of theses suggestions are either over $150 or not true bypass. (Crxsh good call on the used Nova delay though.) I can say though that I think the MXR buffers are really good and don't mess your tone that much. With that said: Delay: CC is awesome, but not true bypass. Hardwire delay is TB and under $150. Compressor: a used MXR script reissue would be about $130. KIller, but not true bypass Chorus: MXR micro chorus is under 150, not stereo, but not tru bypass, i think. OD: kinda open here. OCD? Hardwire CM 2? fulldrive2? I will prolly go up to the 175 range for each. Thanks for the suggestions I could get the $200 pedals but I'm also looking to buy 2 $1,500 class-A low-wattage amps to fill in the gaps that my Fryette Sig:X and Mesa studio & Quad / 295 Simul rack can't fill. They are just too much power for most applications.
  7. Delay: depends on what sort you're looking for. There's the Memory Boy on the cheeps with a bit more functionality. Or, more around the 150 mark, there's the AquaPuss or the Catalinbread Montavilion. Comp: Any of the MXR compressors would be below 150. Or at around 150 there's the Barber Tone Press (which I hear is amazing as far as compressors go). Chorus: EHX Neo Clone, the new MXR Chorus that's coming out, CE-5... Those are the best I can think of as far as price. OD: Insert a million pedals here. I've heard the BB is nice, though. I'm def going to look at the Barber Tone comp, thanks! I also looked at the acqua puss but the delay is maxed in the 300s. I wanted something that can go out to 500. What are the the thoughts on the Danny tape echo?
  8. OK so I'm in the hunt for some stompboxes. Looking for suggestions that are true bypass and reasonably priced (around a 150 limit each). - Delay: Was thinking Carbon Copy but I did find that Danelectro Reel Echo Tape echo unit. - Compressor: Would love a carl Martin, Keeley, or Mad Professor but they are pricey. Anyone have opinions on the E-Wave pedals? - Chorus: Pref not a stereo. liking the Radial Bones Vienna Chorus but I know there's other options. - OD: Prob the BB preamp. Thoughts/Suggestions?
  9. **Local pickup only - Arlington VA / DC (1,500.00) Ibanez SR-650 with Burled top, Bart pups and Preamp Genz Benz Shuttle 9.0 Avatar 210 Neo with LineX coating dual speakon cable
  10. wow. wish could I could snag that lonestar. Good luck man
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