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  1. Hi guys, any idea what keyboard/electric piano this is? I saw Lenny Kravitz playing it in this Fallon YouTube vid here: https://youtu.be/HEa7tF57-vIDying to know what it is! Any insights appreciated
  2. Hi guys, What are your opinions on the warmest, darkest, mellowest sounding acoustic guitar one could get for around $500 or less used? I’ve been hearing about the Yamaha FG180 red label as an option that is known for its warmth and projection. What are some other similar acoustics that would fare well here? For example, do any of the lower end Martins like the X series (X Series Special X-000CE HPL) or the D-X1E (can be had new for around $500) fit the bill? I’m not sure how warm those would sound but perhaps other Martins can be had in that range in the used market? Thanks in advance for any inspiration insights and models for me to consider!
  3. Thanks, I have heard good things about the M5’s too. I’m curios about the Aston Spirit as well. So many options.
  4. Hi Davie, thanks for the reply! Ironically enough, I recently bought two SM81’s to use as overhead drum mics, and I haven’t even had the chance to test them out yet! So that’s great to hear they do well as drum room mics too, an added bonus. I was thinking of buying a large diaphragm condenser with variable pattern as a general purpose or versatile all rounder. Thing is, there are so many good ones out there and it’s tough to choose one! The Aston Spirit is one I’ve heard good things about. The AKG 414 too, though I’ve heard it’s not the best for vocals. Rode K2 also a contender. I do prefer warm and dark tones, so not sure if there’s some in that mid price range bracket that are better for that? thanks again!
  5. Hi guys, im looking for a mic for recording that works well as a room mic, such as a drum room mic, but that also can be versatile and be used for vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, etc. Mostly what I’ve heard so far is to go for a decent condenser mic with variable pattern for different instruments. Others have mentioned ribbons or even dynamic mics as another way to go. Recommendations I’ve heard so far are the Rode NT1000, Rode K2, Aston Spirit, Beyerdynamic M160, SE brand ribbons, AT 4050, etc. What are your recommendations, either from this list, or above and beyond the above list? Thank you!
  6. Hi guys, I’m looking for a good reverb/delay pedal recommendation for bass. I don’t want anything too complicated or with too many knobs (not much of a knob tweaker here), just something basic that sounds good. I’d like it to have settings for both reverb and delay though. I currently play an Orange bass amp and I use two tones: distorted tone and a clean tone. The clean tone is the one I’d like to have reverb/delay out of. I play heavy rock but there are songs where we do breakdowns where guitar player goes clean and trippy, so I’d like a sound to complement. Any suggestions are most appreciated, thank you!
  7. Hi guys, my brother just ought an Orange guitar amp half stack. It sounds amazing! But we are getting quite a bit of feedback with it on the distortion channel. What is the best and most effective way to reduce the feedback, without compromising tone? I'm open to pedal recommendation, or any other solution you think could work. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi guys, im looking for recommendations for a guitar fuzz pedal. I simply want something that is warm, dark, and not too high end EQ-wise. But also that has clarity and doesn’t get too muddy or ‘wash’ sounding. I play stoner rock music. i bought the zvex fuzz factory Vexter series and although I like certain settings and the warmth, all the glitchy compressed weird sounds that come with it became annoying for me and I’d like something more simple and straightforward. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  9. Hi guys, in looking for an acoustic with a warm tone, I read about the FG-180, I think the same kind that Elliott Smith used to play. Anyone played this model and has some feedback? Where can I find one for sale? What is a reasonable price range for a used one? What are your impressions of this guitar? Thanks.
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