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  1. this might hold the record for a necro, can i get a ruling Phil happy thanks giving everybody
  2. so subjective and fuzz dependent there are no rules. i run my comp/sonuus voluum before fuzz because i don't ride my volume knob in front of a fuzzface. i'm able to set my fuzz's starve/gating/sputter much higher and ride the expression pedal to interact with it, much fun to be had
  3. a guitar will never take half your sh!t with it if things don't work out
  4. lol, i wish somebody would have posted this yesterday ! I just ordered $100 of parts
  5. the presser doesn't mention iKey and the Faq doesn't list Syntronik as supported by the Authorization Manager
  6. some fuzz pedals are eq'd so heavily, the wah disappears if it's ahead of it i ended up with a fuzz before and another after, fix'd
  7. got a lovepedal eph-3 on order, but i'll be payin off my board for another couple years. Sweetwater got me, lol
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