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  1. More proof that there is a God, and that He has a sense of humor
  2. Prices have been going up on these. Clean ones (no missing/bare wood) $500+, another $100 for the original case. Shipping can get expensive because of the size, the OHSC is 55x24x8.
  3. An ebony board would have been spectacular on that. Bump for a cool guitar. Yes, I also think that would look even better!
  4. Peavey EVH Wolfgang Special Red QT This sorta hurts, 'cuz I love Peaveys, and I REALLY wanted this one. So I got it despite the warnings from the previous owner. Said it wasn't meant for De Big Uns. Course I'm linebacker-sized, he's more Offensive Line sized - I can deal with it - right? Wrong. Eddie (or as Valerie calls him "my husband Edward van Halen" must be a small person. It's a small guitar, and a narrow neck. I can do PCs with it, but that's just not my style. Good news is that it really has THAT tone. Listen to any EVH, and you'll hear it with this one. I really understand why this guitar has that "cult" following. But it's not for me - I'm more of a Jackson guy when it comes to neck shapes. So it's up for trade. It's in excellent shape, and comes with a nice thick gigbag. A good description and review here: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/document?doc_id=91927 And more reviews here: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar/product/Peavey/Wolfgang+Special+QT/10/1 Pictures of mine here: http://s245.photobucket.com/albums/gg46/teletypist/Peavey%20EVH%20Wolfgang%20Special/ Much prefer trades - guitar or amps. LMK via PM.
  5. TRADED 2000 Black MIM Fender Stratocaster Left handed. Have it set up as a righty, but will easily flip back. Overall in good condition, clean neck and frets, front in very nice shape, some scratches on the back. Missing the trem cover. Tuners and electronics work fine. Prefer to trade (amps or right-handed guitars), or $250 shipped CONUS. Pictures here: http://s245.photobucket.com/albums/gg46/teletypist/Fender%20Stratocaster%202000%20MIM%20Lefty/
  6. 2007 black Ibanez VBT700 with OHSC. Really nice guitar, great sounding pups and slick neck. But the Vees just don't work out for me. Looking to trade, I'm open to ideas but I lean toward Jacksons. Tube amps are cool too. This one is in excellent condition, very minor play wear but no chips or missing wood (that's pretty rare by itself ). Gigantic case is also in very good shape. These were only made for that one run before the lawsuit banhammer came down, and it's become a bit of a collectors item. Some specs: * Neck: 5pc Wizard II thru-neck * NeckType: Wizard II (neck-thru) * Mahogany body * Jumbo frets * Fingerboard: Bound Rosewood * Inlay: Sharktooth * Bridge: Gibraltar custom bridge * NeckPU: DiMarzio D Activator neck pu * MiddlePU: DiMarzio D Activator bridge pu Pix here: http://s245.photobucket.com/albums/gg46/teletypist/Ibanez%20VBT700/
  7. 2000 Washburn J9 "Washington" Thinline hollowbody guitar. Fairly rare issue of the Samick-built Korean thinline jazz box (They no longer offer a similar guitar), most were aimed at the RockaBilly market and were black with a Bigsby installed. It has the full sized 17" body, but 2" deep at the rim - about the same thickness as an ES-335. Much more comfortable to play than the full depth body, especially when sitting. It's a hollowbody with a bridge block, a hybrid between the full hollows and the semi-hollows. Although the body is quite resonant (the top is about twice the area of an 335!) the feedback is much more controllable with the block. The internal volume of the body is much larger than a 335 so it retains a lot of the acoustic tonal qualities of a full-depth jazz box. Very nice player, and the tone can range from Jazzy to Bluesy. It's in very good condition and comes with the OHSC. Pictures of mine here: http://s245.photobucket.com/albums/gg46/teletypist/Washburn%20Jazz/J9/ And to give you an idea of the Jazz tone there is a Youtube video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMuos92Xj8Q $700 plus FedEx shipping, but prefer guitar/amp/bass trades.
  8. A Charvie Spectrum in good condition should fetch $1000-1250 with the OHSC. Of course you're going to be pitching to a limited audience thus it may take a while to find a buyer. I haven't seen any sell for under a Grand lately except for a couple of dogs.
  9. Have a VTM 60 I could be talked out off.
  10. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression. I think it should still be a nice guitar; and I wouldn't quibble (to much ) with your price. However, I originally asked about the neck since I was specifically looking for a Predator AX. Good Luck!
  11. The AX necks were always labeled, and had a rosewood fretboard. The body is indeed an AX, that baby blue came on the AX, not the Predator. There are "fat" Predators, but not with 8-hole PGs and the 2 knob/2 switches configuration, and most of those are imports.
  12. No, I meant do you have the neck that originally came with that body? Your pictures show a Peavey Predator AX body, with a Peavey Predator (not a Predator AX) neck, obviously not original. Do you know if the rest of the parts are original Peavey, or also "restored"?
  13. Do you still have the original neck?
  14. Looking to trade this for a Korean Epi Dot or Kat only.
  15. With the help of some of the TB guys, it turns out I got fooled on this one. It's a real 60's RI neck assembly, but bolted to what may be an SX body assembly. Open to offers (but before you do, check to see what the necks go for on FleaBay).
  16. They don't seem to pop up for sale often, when they do they're in the $250-350 range. Mine probably belongs in the middle of that. BTW: The color in the pix can be deceiving. Because of the metallic element under bright light (flash or stage lighting) it is indeed very red. Under normal lighting it appears darker, even maroonish in subdued light.
  17. TRADED 2007 Agile AL-2000 with the original "lawsuit" headstock. Looking to trade this for a Korean Epi Dot or Kat only. I believe the specs are the same as the current AL-2000 save for the open-book headstock. Comes with a decent Epi LP hardshell case. It's in very good condition, plays very well, just gave it a fresh setup and 10's. It sounds good with the original alnico pups. I got this because of the slightly wider neck, and that worked out well. If there's no trade forthcoming, I'll drop a pair of Gibson LP pups into it and keep it as a backup. More pix here: http://s245.photobucket.com/albums/gg46/teletypist/Agile%20AL2000/
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